Baring It All with Call Me Adam Podcast Interview

Season 1:

Episode 46:

Rachael Sage

Alt-Pop Singer-Songwriter

Character - My Bravery's On Fire

It has been eight years since I last interviewed Alt-Pop Singer-Songwriter Rachael Sage. As the world's "Bravery's on Fire," this seemed liked the perfect time to catch up with her.

In this interview, Rachael is Baring It All with Call Me Adam about:
  • Her new album Character
  • Her cancer diagnosis
  • Touring with Ani DiFranco
  • Her hobbies
  • So much more

Rachael's new album Character  is available everywhere you stream music.

More on Rachael Sage:

Since founding her own label MPress Records two decades ago, NYC-based alt-pop artist Rachael Sage has steadily released a slew of vibrant, dynamic albums with poetic lyrics spanning subjects as wide as her inspirations.

She has toured with an eclectic list of artists including Ani DiFranco, Beth Hart, Sarah McLachlan, Judy Collins and Howard Jones.

Rachael also continues to significantly grow her visibility via her many song placements, including 22 songs on top reality show Dance Moms, translating into over 10 million YouTube hits. 

Her latest album Character is an inspirational tribute to survivorship. Recorded in the midst of her recent cancer experience, the collection reflects on such concepts as identity, compassion, authenticity, optimism, and mindfulness.

Connect with Rachael: Website, Facebook, Instagram 

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