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Season 5:

Episode 7:

Jo Dee Messina

Country Music Superstar
Two-Time Grammy Nominee
Music Room Series Tour

This season on my podcast, Baring It All with Call Me Adam, I am highlighting My Entertainment Idols.

Today, I am going back in time and Behind-The-Curtain to bring you this blast from the past, my 2010 interview with Two-Time Grammy Award nominee, and Country Music SuperstarJo Dee Messina.

 As Jo Dee gets ready to bring her Heads Carolina, Tails California Tour home to the Northeast, I thought this would be a good time to share with you, my 2010 interview with her.

In this interview, Jo Dee is Baring It All with Call Me Adam about:
  • Whom she still wants to work with
  • The best advice she's given, but not taken for herself
  • Who she would dream about while sleeping
  • If she ever thought about quitting music
  • So much more

For the print edition of this interview, and see some photos of Jo Dee with me and my dad, click here!

Now, here’s a little Behind-The-Curtain Story….

In 2010, Jo Dee was embarking on her most intimate tour to date, the Music Room Series Tour, where she left the big stadiums behind, and came to smaller clubs and venues, like her NYC stop at Michael Feinstein’s cabaret club Feinstein’s at the Regency.

I was very fortunate to get a pair of press tickets to see the show, and interview Jo Dee right after. The kindness Jo Dee showed me during and after the interview is something I have never forgotten. She took her time in answering ALL of my questions, even though there was a crowd of people waiting for her at the VIP after party.

She made me feel as if I was the only person she had to talk to that night. After we were done, she let me take a picture with her, and then, asked my dad if he wanted a picture with her, and told him to come up to take one. We truly felt like royalty being with Jo Dee.

Here’s an additional Behind-The-Curtain story for you…

When I started recording the interview, Jo Dee asked if this was going to be published as an audio interview or in print format. At that time, I didn’t have a way to share the audio, but now, all these years later, I do, and it’s through this podcast.

So, as you listen to this interview, I hope you feel all the excitement, fun, and laughter we had together.

Special Thanks:

  • Angela Villanueva, MSO PR
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  • Edited by Adam Rothenberg
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More on Jo Dee Messina:

Jo Dee Messina is a trailblazing country music artist, known for her powerful vocals and chart-topping hits. With the breakout song “Heads Carolina, Tails California,” she became a household name and went on to achieve nine No. 1 hits and sixteen Top 40 songs. Jo Dee’s success made her the first female in country music history to celebrate three consecutive multi-week, chart-topping songs.

In addition to her studio accomplishments, Jo Dee’s passionate and high-energy performances have captivated audiences across the country. She shares her hit tunes, emotionally-driven songs, and personal testimony, connecting with fans and inspiring them with her authenticity.

As an independent artist, Jo Dee embraced her strong, empowered persona and founded Dreambound Records. Jo Dee’s dedication to presenting her story with honesty has allowed people to see beyond the surface and connect with her music on a deeper level.

With a decorated past and an unwavering drive for the future, Jo Dee continues to pour her heart and soul into her music and everyone she encounters. Her latest single, “Just To Be Loved,” adds to her legacy as a timeless name in the music industry.

Connect with Jo Dee: Website, Facebook, Instagram 

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