NEW Video Interview with Payson Lewis: Indie-Pop Singer Songwriter - From Blurrier to Clarity

actor music singer songwriter Oct 02, 2023

Payson Lewis is an indie-pop singer/songwriter.

After conducting about half a dozen interviews with him, it's great to catch up on the heels of his new single "Blurrier" dropping.

In this interview, Payson answered my call to reveal:
  • His process for making music
  • It's not all sunshine & rainbows
  • Fostering your community
  • Walking down the wrong road
  • So Much More

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More on Payson Lewis:

"Not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world are we born." These words that inspired a young Paul McCartney, now live on as the motivation behind Payson and his music. Armed with overflowing positive energy and a live-for-the-moment mentality, Payson is bringing his brand of Indie-Pop spirit not for himself alone, but for the whole world to enjoy.

A Philly kid born and raised, Payson taught himself to sing and play piano by poring over his big brothers' CDs and learning by ear. Eventually, he moved west to continue his evolution as a musician and songwriter at USC and find his place as an artist in LA.

Payson's soaring vocals and natural knack for dynamic performance landed him instant success and led to a Top-4 finish on NBC's "The Sing-Off." Since then, he has used his diverse musical skill set in performances all over the world; lending his voice to symphony orchestras in Taiwan and Korea, starring in theatrical performances in Chicago and Las Vegas, and singing on multiple major motion picture soundtracks. He's even scored roles acting on TV shows including Jane the Virgin, The People vs. OJ Simpson, and How I Met Your Mother.

All the while Payson has been continuing to grow as a musician and artist. His first releases, a series of cover songs, generated an impressive buzz and thousands of subscribers through his YouTube channel. His covers of Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods", Adele's "Hello," and a mashup of Zayn Malik's "Pillowtalk" and Rihanna's "Work" enjoyed viral success as well as a wide variety of press coverage including features from Perez Hilton.

Last year, he released his debut record, “Take Me Apart” to universal acclaim. The record has amassed over half a million streams on Spotify, and has been featured in nearly 100 different music publications and curated music blog posts, and inspired 3 music videos with their own following; racking up well over 100k views.

While Payson Lewis has enjoyed a jack of many trades career thus far, it's his music that gives him purpose. Drawing on the influences of his youth and in an attempt to inspire positivity, Payson continues to refine his band-centric indie-pop sound to deliver an energetic blend of throwback nostalgia and modern edge for the benefit of the world at large.


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