Call Redialed: NEW Jennifer Bassey Interview: Grand Hotel 35th Anniversary Broadway Reunion Concert at 54 Below

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I can't believe the last time I spoke with Emmy Award Winner Jennifer Bassey was in 2017 who is Known for playing man-hungry Marion Colby-Chandler on ABC's All My Children.

I have been a fan of Jennifer's since 2001 when I started watching All My Children. I just loved her character and the way she portrayed Marion.

Now, Jennifer is coming to 54 Below this Monday & Tuesday as one of the special guests for Grand Hotel: The 35th Anniversary Original Broadway Cast Reunion Concert, Honoring Tommy Tune’s 85th Birthday.

Jennifer's late husband, Luther Davis wrote the book to this Tony Award winning musical!

In this NEW interview, Jennifer once again answered my call, but this time to reveal:
  • What she wants everyone to know about her late husband, Luther Davis
  • Behind-The-Curtain story about Luther's writing process of Grand Hotel
  • How Luther showed Jennifer he loved her
  • Who Marion Colby-Chandler would go after at Grand Hotel
  • So much more

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"We’ll Take a Glass Together" when 54 Below presents Grand Hotel: The 35th Anniversary Original Broadway Cast Reunion Concert, Honoring Tommy Tune’s 85th Birthday with four exclusive shows this Monday, February 26 & Tuesday, February 27, 2024 (7:00 pm and 9:30 pm both nights). Click here for tickets!

Original Broadway cast members and special guest stars reunite in an intimate immersive performance of highlights from the landmark Tony Award® winning musical. It’s Berlin, 1928. Check into Grand Hotel, where the music never stops! Hear the Tony Award® nominated score with music & lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest, and additional music & lyrics by Maury Yeston, including “We’ll Take a Glass Together,” “Maybe My Baby Loves Me,” “Who Wouldn't Dance With You?,” “Love Can't Happen,” “Villa on a Hill,” "Bonjour Amour!,” and more.

Produced, conceived, and directed by original cast member and Tony Award® nominee Walter Willison, with musical direction by Alex Rybeck, the show is presented in honor of Broadway legend and 10-time Tony Award® winner Tommy Tune’s 85th birthday. 

1. This Monday & Tuesday, you are going to be one of the special guests at 54 Below's Grand Hotel: The 35th Anniversary Original Broadway Cast Reunion Concert, Honoring Tommy Tune’s 85th Birthday. What are you looking forward to most about this reunion concert? The whole event is continuing to be a great adventure!

2. Your late husband, Luther Davis, wrote the book for this show. What is something you would like people to know about Luther that hasn't been shared before? Luther was the most amazing man and everybody loved him -- what more can I say?

3. Do you have any Behind-The-Curtain stories about Luther's process in writing Grand Hotel? Yes, he first wrote Grand Hotel in the '50s and then decided to rewrite it and get it on in 1989.

4. Did he ask you for any ideas as he was writing, that then made it into the show? No.

Luther Davis and Jennifer Bassey
Photo Credit: Jennifer Bassey Archive

5. What do you remember about going to see the show with him? I’ve seen the show around the world -- from New York to Berlin and London to Japan! I could go on and on, and every time I see it, I hope the ending is going to be different. Grand Hotel is a timeless haunting show.

For these next few questions, I am going to play off of some of the song titles from Grand Hotel
6. "We'll Take A Glass Together" - When you & Luther raised a glass together, what was your favorite drink to have? I don’t drink.
7. "Villa on a Hill" - If you could have a villa on a hill anywhere in the world, where would you want to live? Corsica, France.
8. "Maybe My Baby Loves Me" - What is something Luther would do to show you just how much he loves you? He wrote that character for me and before I could audition for Tommy [Tune], he had already cast two men to sing the part, so I never got to do it.
9. If Marion Colby Chandler from All My Children were to set her eyes on one of Grand Hotel's many men, who would she go after? Almost all of them -- especially the boys.
10. What current projects do you have going on that you are able to talk about? Currently, I’m co-starring in a dark comedy series with Tamara Braun, Denise Boutte, Jasper Cole, Robert Craighead, and many other talented actors called Kombucha Cure streaming on Tubi. We’re shooting the second season this year, so I've delayed retirement of my Hungarian accent. I have Omni Loop, a thriller premiering at the SXSW Film Festival on March 13 in Austin -- working with Mary Louise Parker was an unbelievable joy.
While not on-set, I’m also working on a Nickelback with the fabulous Marilyn Maye who is turning 96 next month. She’s got the energy of a 20 year-old and is the mentor actors dream of for a project like ours.
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Jennifer Bassey, Photo Credit: Jennifer Bassey Archive 

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