Call Answered: Joint Interview with Nicolas Dromard and Desirée Davar: Creating Cabaret while Battling Throat Cancer

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I am so excited to be interviewing performers and real-life couple, Nicolas Dromard and Desirée Davar, who were referred to me by Sean Patrick Murtaugh, a multi-previous Call Me Adam participant.

Nicolas and Desirée have been seen on Broadway and in theatrical shows around the country, including Wicked, Jersey Boys, Mary Poppins, and West Side Story.

When Desirée told me their story of triumph over hardship, I felt honored they wanted me to help them share this part of their story.

In this interview, I answered Nicolas and Desiree's call to reveal:

  • Creating their new cabaret show, Nic & Desi: Bubbles & Taps, during Nicolas' throat cancer
  • What it's like to work together & be married
  • Lessons Learned
  • So Much More

Much to everyone's delight, Nicolas is making a comeback!

What better way to celebrate Nicolas' triumphant return than with a brand-new cabaret show, Nic & Desi: Bubbles & Taps, at The Green Room 42 on Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 1pm EST. Click here for tickets!

1. This March you are performing at The Green Room 42 with your new show Nic & Desi: Bubbles and Taps. This show signifies Nicolas' return to singing after battling & triumphantly winning over throat cancer. What excites you both about this show? It’s always exciting to be performing at the Green Room 42 in New York City, but this show is special because after going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy and not knowing if I was going to be able to sing again, coming back strong and doing what we love to do is a triumph.

2. What is making you both nervous? We are always nervous about getting people to come to our show, but it always works out. The people that support us always come through.

3. How does this show differ from your previous shows? Well, for starters, it’s a matinee show. We are also having our daughter in the audience as well as onstage. She’s five years old and she already loves to perform. Since this is an early show, some of our daughter’s friends and parents are coming to the show and we are creating some magical, family friendly material from shows we’ve been in. It'll be fun to introduce live music to the younger ones.

4. In recent months, your family was going through a very challenging time during Nicolas' battle with throat cancer. When did you both decide it was time to put a new show together? When I started feeling better, and getting my full energy back, and feeling that my voice was going to make a full recovery, that fueled us to create something fun and new while still performing some of our favorite numbers from previous shows. 

Desirée Davar and Nicolas Dromard performing at
The Green Room 42 NYC, Photo Credit: Sy Chounchaisit

5. What was the first song you each felt was important to include in the show & why did you choose said song? Feeling Good, originally sung by Nina Simone came to my mind because through the hard times, it reminds us to appreciate the simple things and simple joys. We are also creating a Mary Poppins medley for the show, since I played Bert in Mary Poppins on Broadway! That musical is watched by every generation and it’s a wonderful way to connect to our audience.

6. There was some talk that Nicolas might not sing again after throat cancer. Did you have any conversations on what that would look like with your joint performances & how you would adjust the act? We never really talked about that. Chatting with my surgeon and the doctors, they never said that it would take my voice away completely, that it might affect it slightly. We just knew it would take time, and we had to be patient, which is really hard because we love what we do and we are both very impatient! We decided that if and when that happened, we would figure it out. There are no words to describe how thankful we are.

7. Desirée - what was it like for you to go through this journey with Nicolas? It was a difficult couple of months for us, but seeing how positive Nic was throughout his journey made me feel like if we could get through this, we could get through anything! 

It's hard to see your partner or someone you love dearly suffer and not act or look like themselves, but I knew I had to be strong for him and our daughter.

8. How do you feel this experience has made you stronger, both as performers and as a couple? We are truly lucky to share the same passion of song and dance. We adore creating together and going through all of this has made us more thankful for the shows we've done and the shows we will create in the future!

Desirée Davar and Nicolas Dromard, Photo Credit: Sy Chounchaisit

9. What is it like to work together and be married? It's wonderful to be able to create something with your best friend and your partner. Working together is a gift! Our banter onstage is pretty much our banter offstage. I think that’s what’s charming about our show. We are a married couple, so not only is our chemistry palpable, but audiences can relate with us as well!

We weave our story throughout our show and aren't afraid to be vulnerable. Like the many famous couples before us, like Steve and Eydie, Sonny and Cher, and the Champions, we leave it all on the stage! And yes, when we are putting a show together we argue and get annoyed with each other too… trust us!

10. How do you balance the two? Our five-year-old daughter certainly keeps us busy! So it’s not show business all of the time! To us, the two are intertwined! It's not so much a balancing act, but making sure we appreciate the fact that we get to work together, be creative, be good parents, and share our love and passion.

11. What did you both learn from Nicolas' throat cancer that you feel could help someone else going through a similar challenge? You have to stay positive, you have to do your research, and listen to your body. So many people ignore small things and little ailments, but you always have to stay vigilant and listen. The show must go on, yes, but it can’t if there’s no one to perform in the show.

12. What is something we didn't get to talk about in this interview that you'd like my audience to know about you? We feel like we were born in the wrong era. We adore the golden age of musical theater and classic MGM movie musicals, but we pay homage by adding our contemporary take on them!

Desirée Davar and Nicolas Dromard, Photo Credit: Sy Chounchaisit

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