Celebrating Tina Turner with Gloria Reuben

actress cabaret musical theatre singer television tv May 27, 2023

In 2018 I interviewed Golden Globe & two-time Emmy nominee Gloria Reuben when she was getting ready to debut a new show at 54 Below (then called Feinstein's/54 Below).

During that interview, we also got to talk about Gloria touring with the legendary Tina Turner.

In celebration of Tina's life, I wanted to share with you the clip of Gloria & I talking about what she learned from the iconic singer.

The reason the video is so shaky is explained in this never-before-told story below...



This interview was conducted at Feinstein's/54 Below during their press day for several shows that were going to be taking place at the club during the month of September. During this event, each performer sang one or two songs from their upcoming show & then they were brought around the room to each media outlet conducting an interview.

On the day of the interview, I was set to use my Canon camera. I showed up at Feinstein's/54 Below with my camera, extra batteries, my selfie stick & cell phone. I started to record some of the performances with my Canon camera. Everything was going well. After the performances ended, I began to conduct my interviews.

I think my first interview was with best friends & Broadway actresses Rebecca Luker & Sally Wilfert. They were going to be performing a joint show at Feinstein's/54 Below. Well, during that interview, my camera stopped working. I had no idea what went wrong. I stopped the interview, changed the batteries & my camera still wouldn't work. I had very limited time for these interviews, so I had to think fast & use my smart phone for the rest of the interview. However, I couldn't use my phone for video with Rebecca & Sally due to how the seating was set up. I had to record that interview using an audio recorder app on my phone.

After that interview ended, I quickly checked my camera & it was still not working. So, I had to use my phone for the rest of the interviews. When it was time to interview Gloria, I attached my phone to my selfie-stick & conducted the interview.

Gloria was very understanding of the situation & we forged ahead! I did the best I could to hold the selfie-stick as steady as possible, but my hand was shaking, possibly from my excitement over interviewing Gloria or because I was nervous & upset my camera stopped working. This is why, back in 2018, I coined this interview as, "My shakiest interview to date..."

At that time, I didn't own a microphone to attach to my phone, which is why you can hear a lot of background noise.

I love this interview so much because this was my first time interviewing Gloria, whom I saw twice on tour with Tina Turner. It was an honor to speak with Gloria & hear these wonderful stories of her time performing with the "Queen of Rock & Roll."

You can view the full interview from 2018 here.

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