Adam's Call: They/Them:

Changing the Face of Horror Genre

Photo of John Logan's They/Them Poster

There is a new horror movie changing the face of the genre. They/Them is a queer horror film starring Kevin Bacon & Anna Chlumsky, featuring an ensemble cast of young queer actors.

It is written by Oscar Nominee/Tony Winner John Logan with Kevin Bacon & Scott Turner Schofield serving as Executive Producers.

They/Them takes place at a conversion therapy camp out in the woods. The group of young stars are sent there by their parents in hopes they will become straight.

Once the bus doors open, the movie takes you on quite an adventure. There are so many twists, turns & surprises, you'll definitely be on the edge of your seat.

They/Them follows the typical horror plot lines, but what makes this movie fresh, different & its own, is the queer subplot. 

Kevin Bacon continues to thrill & delight. I love that he continues to flex his acting muscles taking on new & interesting roles. Anna Chlumsky brings a new dimension to her acting resume as this is the first horror movie I have had the pleasure of seeing her in.

The ensemble of young queer actors reinforces the notion that filmmakers & studios need to keep casting diverse talent to show everyone's life story matters.

If you want a more in depth look at They/Them, check out my exclusive interview with Brazilian actor Darwin Del Fabro who plays  "Gabriel."

They/Them is currently streaming on Peacock.


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