Season 4 of Baring It All with Call Me Adam 

Begins August 3, 2023! 

Baring It All with Call Me Adam
Season 4 Podcast Trailer - Baring It All with Call Me Adam

Transcription of Season 4 Podcast Trailer

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Season 4 of my podcast Baring It All with Call Me Adam begins Thursday, August 3!
I can't wait for YOU to join me for this exciting new season!



Season 4 Podcast Trailer for 

Baring It All with

Call Me Adam

Adam Rothenberg: 

Hey everyone, it's Adam, and I wanted to let you know there have been some very exciting things happening behind the scenes here at Baring It All with Call Me Adam, including moving apartments and podcast platforms, though, that has led to things being a bit messy with Season 3 of my podcast. 

But I am so grateful for your continued dedication and support while I navigated these changes. I had a lot of life things happen behind the curtain, and in the end I have decided to prematurely end Season 3 of my podcast and start fresh with Season 4, which will begin on Thursday, August 3rd. I hope you're excited for the new season. 

I know I'm excited to have YOU, join me. See you then! 

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