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Adam's Call: A Very Sordid Wedding: A Real Homecoming

Adam's Call: "A Very Sordid Wedding" Hands down the best part about this film was the way Del set it up. For those of us who were already fans of the "Sordid Lives" play/film/TV series, it's a real homecoming. For someone who has never seen anything "Sordid Lives," Del has perfectly outlined who everyone is, what their relationship is to one another, & a brief history of their storyline. Despite a few cast changes, everything I love about the "Sordid Lives" brand was still there!
Adam's Call: New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala honoring Rob and Kathleen Marshall: To hear the New York Pops play the music from some of Rob and Kathleen's biggest successes was unreal! They gave new life to these amazing songs! If you ever get a chance to go to Carnegie Hall and attend a New York Pops concert, I say DO IT! It's an evening that you'll remember forever!