Adam's Call: Review Linda Eder at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount in Provincetown, MA: More Than Heaven

The Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MA is ON FIRE this year with its line-up of entertainment! I have seen three shows there during my week here and all of them have lived up, if not, surpassed my expectations.

Linda Eder at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount was my final show. It was by far one of my best moments here thus far. To see Linda in such an intimate environment is unreal and it really demonstrates her diversity as a performer. The sold-out crowd reveled in her performance. Linda gave her all singing a wealth of songs throughout her career. It was trip down memory lane and a fond memory she created. It was "More Than Heaven!"

Linda Eder in concert 2013, Photo Credit: Maryann LopintoLinda belted her heart out, singing all her big hits such as "A New Life," "Bring On The Men," "Vienna," "Man of La Mancha," and "Someone Like You." She also delighted the audience with several gems...some of which I had never heard her sing before. A few stand-out moments for me were her cover of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep," which Linda rocked, "Son of a Preacherman," and Jessi Colter's "I'm Not Lisa." My favorite moments in the show were hearing the stories behind the songs Linda chooses to sing or record.

For instance, a song that is very dear to Linda's heart is from Evita because this was the first musical she ever saw. As she said, she saw this production, Off-Broadway, off-off-off Broadway, so far off-Broadway that it was in her homestate of Minnesota. And she saw the understudy of the understudy play "Eva Peron." But that show remains special to Linda because it was her first introduction to musical theatre. Following this story, Linda dove into "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," and took to heights I had never experienced before! She really triumphed on this song!

Linda Eder in concert 2013, Photo Credit: Maryann LopintoLinda also told a story behind another favorite musical of hers, Les Miserables. This was the second show she saw in London and it's the melodies and lyrics she loves most about this show. I couldn't agree more with her. The music to Les Miserables has always been some of my favorite musical theatre songs of all time. So, I was thrilled when Linda eased into "I Dreamed A Dream," seducing the audience with that radiant voice of hers. I hope Linda records this song on an album soon, along with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina."

A great story Linda entertained us with was her first performing theatrical experience in her school's choir. She so badly wanted to sing the part of "Maria," but being one of the tallest girls in her grade, her choir teacher had another role in mind for her and cast her as "Mother Superior," where she got sing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain." It wasn't the role she wanted, but this lended to a gorgeous rendition of this classic song. Linda certainly knows how to engulf an audience with her vocals. Not a single pin dropped during this number and the audience reaction afterward was wild!

A very heartwarming story Linda told was about her song "More Than Heaven," off her latest album "Now." She was on the road around the time of the Tsunami and she wanted to express her feelings for all of those affected by this terrible disaster. Linda had just recorded this song and the lyrics seemed perfect for the rough times this world was going through, so she dedicated this song to all those affected. I had loved this song for a while, but now love it even more.

Linda told all these stories with ease and humor, which really added to the enjoyment of the show. I feel so grateful I got see one of music's most talented and powerful singers in such a great venue as The Crown & Anchor's Paramount.

Linda Eder's tour continues on. Click here to find out when Linda will be in your town! This is one show, you won't want to miss!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!

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