Adam's Call: Jackie Hoffman's Old Woman, New Material: Bringing The Laughs Back

Jackie Hoffman has done it again...created a hilarious, fun, and spot-on one woman show called "Old Woman, New Material." Bringing the laughs back to 54 Below, Jackie's new show may still focus on her career, dislike of children, and societal commentary, but she's focusing on these topics in a whole new way! Throughout the hour long show, Jackie riffs on her Broadway, film and television career with new anecdotes and new stories as well as some great new songs. The comparisions she makes between herself and others is very funny. From the lack of press she gets to meeting Stephen Sondheim, Jackie lets the audience know exactly what's on her mind. It is this no-holds-barred presentation I love most about attending a Jackie Hoffman show.

I also really enjoy the diverse comedy style Jackie displays during her show. Not everyone seems to handle the dark humor well, but Jackie has a knack for making off-beat jokes/stories work. I found myself laughing for the full hour, even when some of Jackie's material was on the border of "Did she really just say that?" But that is what makes Jackie stand-out! 

In between comedy bits are some brilliantly written new songs. Jackie hits the mark with songs about iPhones, the New York Times, and her own take on popular theatre songs. These songs just add to the comedy genius known as Jackie Hoffman.

While Jackie is known for ranting about her life, career, and society, she always does it in a fresh new way. "Old Woman, New Material" at 54 Below is no exception! Seeing this show tonight was a great way to end my weekend. With just 3 shows left, I suggest getting your tickets now to Jackie Hoffman Old Woman, New Material at 54 Below. Click here to purchase tickets!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!

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