Adam's Call: Kim David Smith's Joe's Pub NOVA CD Release Concert: Shooting Star

There is a new singer making waves on the pop music scene and that is the one and only Kim David Smith! With the release of his debut CD "NOVA," Kim David Smith is taking the music world by storm as he demonstrated so seductively tonight at Joe's Pub in NYC. 

Dressed to kill in a tequila suit, Kim David Smith sang out his heart and soul. In the two years since I've seen Kim David Smith perform live, Kim David Smith has grown immensely. With strong vocals and a wicked sense of humor, Kim David Smith knows how to entertain an audience. His songs of love and heartache are catchy, relatable, and smartly written. Influenced by The Pet Shop Boys, George Michael, and Robyn, Kim David Smith has found his own style in the world of pop music. From his hilarious banter to his infectious voice, Kim David Smith doesn't need much to make a show a sparkle because Kim David Smith is the spectacle itself. Kim David Smith's voice has a pleasant tone that makes your ears perk up for more while his songs have a beat to make your body want to move.

I am in love with the whole album, but a few of my favorite selections are "Jealous," "Never Ever," "Shooting Star," "Zombiez," "Disappearing," and "Radio." Kim David Smith wrote "Shooting Star" for his husband during the time of their long distance relationship. It's one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard. My favorite part of Kim David Smith introducing "Shooting Star" was how he said that he was the souvenier his husband got for coming to Australia. It was so sweet.

Kim David Smith's debut album "NOVA" is perfect for any occassion. Whether it's a long trip you have to take, your commute to work, that hot party you're throwing, or getting in shape, "NOVA" is the companion you'll want to have with you! Be sure you pick-up your copy here!

The next time Kim David Smith is performing live, make sure you get your tickets. You'll be "Jealous" that you "Never Ever" got to see this "Shooting Star" on the rise up!

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