For those of you who enjoy a good dramatic, emotional, and gripping play then definitely check out Pinkolandia at INTAR Theatre in NYC written by Andrea Thome and directed by Jose Zayas.

Maria Helan as "Beny" in "Pinkolandia", Photo Credit: Rahav SegevPinkolandia is an intense drama about family, individuality, and standing-up for what you believe in. The cast is amazing! Mixing between the worlds of reality and fantasy, Pinkolandia, uses the stage and multimedia effects to bring the action to life. Leading the cast are Maria Helan and Heather Velazquez as sisters "Beny" and "Gaby." Both actresses show much promise of success as their performances really enticed me. Annie Henk gave a powerful turn as "Mom," a woman who had to breakdown a lot of walls to reveal her truth to her children. Carlo Alban was enjoyable as "Dad," especially when he was teaching his daugther to stand-up for what she believed in. Jose Antonio Melian was great as the family's relative "Tio Ignacio" and the "Bear," who showed up in the fantasty world "Gaby." Then there was Gabriel Sloyer, the man who introduced me to Pinkolandia, who gave a wonderful performances in his numerous roles of "Pepe," "Kid," (during the school scene), and as a "Nazi" officer. Gabriel interchanged between roles seamlessly.

Maria Helan as "Beny" and Heather Velazquez as "Gaby" in "Pinkolandia", Photo Credit: Rahav SegevOne of my favorite things about Pinkolandia was that this is an original play by a rising playwright. The multi-cultural cast was a delight to see. With lots of material to choose from, Pinkolandia definitely left me feeling as though I'd be pulled through the trenches with this one family's story. I was on their journey from start until finish. 

With only 3 performances left, Pinkolandia, will hopefully draw you in as it did me. Pinkolandia plays at INTAR Theatre in NYC (500 West 52nd Street, between 10th & 11th Avenue).

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