There is a new show in town that is going to get you moving...Spandex the Musical. Written by Daniel Levin and and Annie Grunow with direction by Andrea Andresakis, Spandex the Musical is heartfelt campy fun that will inspire you to do better. With it's catchy title song "Spandex," the score of this show is enjoyable.

Mixed with in the exercise routines, camp, and spandex-laced costumes is actually a poignant heartfelt story of two woman who find the strength to better themselves. One finds her self-worth and one pushes through her fears, while both come out on top of their game!

Bringing this story alive is a very talented cast of performers whose voices wowed me everytime they sang. I was particularly moved by the vocals of Jerielle Morwitz, Brian Drummy, Sims Lamason, Zachary Karon, Paige Sommerer, and Brandon Stansell! Additionally, Paige and Brandon's comedic talents got me laughing everytime! They were born to make people laugh!

As much as I enjoyed the show, I do think, if the show has a larger life beyond this initial run, it would be a stronger production with a running time of 90 minutes instead of 2 hours. Still worth your time, I do suggest taking a jog over to 777 Theatre (777 8th Avenue, between 47th & 48th Street), to see Spandex the Musical, which plays through May 26 only, so get your tickets now!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!

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