Geany MasaiRUN, RUN, RUN to Myra Slotnick's The Weight of Water, a brand new, original, poignant, rich, and beautiful play about survival, choices, pride, and finding home set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Superbly directed by Obie Award winner David Drake, The Weight of Water will wisk you into the depths of this drama.

I have seen a lot of great original shows, but for me, The Weight of Water is one example of why I wanted to cover this aspect of entertainment. It's truly an original piece of work, not based upon a book, movie, or a catalog of songs. It's based upon a real event that affected a nation. It's spoken from the heart. 

Andrew Clemons and Jamie HeinleinLinda DanielsAs I walked into The Producers' Club, the wonderfully constructed set sucked me in from the start. With the dimming of the lights and the music quieted, the action quickly seduced me while the actors enamored me with their talent. Myra's honest and realistic writing was reinforced by this talented cast! Geany Masai, Linda Daniels, Andrew Clemons, Jamie Heinlein, Jimi Little, and Keith Amato, all of whom originated these roles in Provincetown, where the show premiered, really helped bring Myra's words and David's direction to life!

Jimi HeinleinCast of The Weight of Water (from left to right): Linda Daniels, Playwright Myra Slotnick, Andrew Clemons, Jamie Heinlein, Geany Masai, Jimi Little, and Director David DrakeWith many messages at its core, The Weight of Water will make you think, laugh, and maybe even cry. This is a show with many layers and secrets that will keep you enticed until the very end. So buy your tickets now and dive into The Weight of Water! Click here for tickets!

The Weight of Water will play at The Producers' Club - Crown Theatre (358 West 44th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue) through May 16 only!

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