With his new play, Really Really, Paul Downs Colaizzo has decended his voice and talent on the theatre world. This young new playwright is definitely going places and Really Really is just the start of it. The first play in his "Want, Give, Get" trilogy, Really Really tells the story about a group of friends who's loyalty to each other is put to the test when after-party gossip turns ugly and every person is out to protect themselves. Directed by David Cromer and produced by MCC Theater, Really Really stars a host of talent including Zosia Mamet ("Leigh"), Lauren Culpepper ("Grace"), Kobi Libii ("Johnson"), David Hull ("Cooper"), Matt Lauria ("Davis"), Evan Jonigkeit ("Jimmy"), and Aleque Reid ("Haley").

Since the 1900s, each generation has been identified by a name. My great-grandparents were part of the G.I. Generation while my grandparents were in the Silent Generation and my parents are Baby Boomers. I'm part of Generation X, with Generation Y after me, and now there's Generation Z. This new generation seems have an attitude of me, me, me and Paul has explored this topic very well in Really Really.

When accusations start circulating about "Davis" and "Leigh," all that their friends worry about is how these allegations will affect them and their life. What will these charges cost them? Their friends don't think about what "Davis" and "Leigh" are going through or how they can help or if they are okay. They focus solely on themselves.

Paul's thought-provoking show made me think about the interactions I've had with Generation Z and while not all of them are about themselves, I've met my fair share who are. I can't help but wonder, where did they adopt this attitude? How will they survive when this selfishness comes back to bite them?

Paul Downs Colaizzo is an emerging playwright who's quickly planting his seeds. Really Really is just the beginning and I can't wait to see what Paul will create next! Really Really plays at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in NYC (121 Christopher Street) through March 10. Click here for tickets!

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