Masked behind the comedy was a moving and heartbreaking, yet uplifting and inspirational story about one man's addiction to crystal meth. That man was Steven Strafford and his play "Methtacular!" just began its limited run at The Playroom Theatre in NYC. "Methtacular!" is presented by Kef Theatrical Productions, directed by Adam Fitzgerald, and has musical supervision and arrangements by Grammy and two-time Emmy Award winner John McDaniel.

Steven Strafford in "Methacular!", Photo Credit: Kevin Thomas GarciaSteven Strafford in "Methacular!", Photo Credit: Kevin Thomas GarciaTo write any show is an accomplishment, but to write a show that exposes your inner most demons, is a real feat! Steven has dug down deep inside himself to bring out a production that touched my heart and tickled my funny bone. With friends, a few audience members, and the casts of "The Facts of Life" and "The Golden Girls," Steven took the audience on his journey of heading down that dark road towards an addictioin to crystal meth.

Similar to Eva Peron, Steven found lovers who supported him on many levels and when the using was over, he moved on. While Steven seemed to be having a blast during these drug induced days, there were many lost opportunities that resulted from his drug use. From jobs to lovers, crystal meth englufed Steven, making him feel amazing, but it also abandoned him, leaving him confused and unsure of where to go. Then on a vacation with one of his many lovers, Steven gets some of the best advice I've ever heard, "There are many roads. You must take the steps." Upon hearing that, it was interesting to see which route Steven took.

Steven Strafford in "Methacular!", Photo Credit: Kevin Thomas GarciaSteven Strafford in "Methacular!", Photo Credit: Kevin Thomas GarciaThroughout the 90 mintue intermissionless show, Steven told many poignant and funny stories about being addicted to crystal meth. While I enjoyed these stories, I thought maybe one or two could have been shortened or cut as my mind started to wander a bit, but just as that was beginning to happen, Steven reeled it in and brought the show home.

Being addicted to drugs is no laughing matter, however, Steven has found a way to bring humor into this serious topic. From audience interaction to a few theatrical songs, Steven made his story of crystal meth addiction a little easier to take in. "Methacular!" runs through Septmeber 23 at The Playroom Theater in NYC (151 West 46th Street, 8th Floor, between 6th & 7th Avenue). Click here for tickets and follow the show on Facebook and Twitter!

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