Michelle Clunie and Adam Rothenberg at "US" Opening Night PartyMichelle Clunie ("Melanie" from Showtime's "Queer As Folk") has made her New York theatrical mark with the debut of her play "US," a powerful and multi-layered show set against the year we elected President Obama. Michelle has written a sophisticated show that tackles love, sex, power, politics, and self-worth.

Michelle Clunie and Jeff LeBeau in "US", Photo Credit: Russ RowlandProduced by Kef Productions and directed by Jennifer Gelfer, "US" is not only written by Michelle, but she stars in it as well along with Jeff Lebeau. From the moment the show began, I was enticed until the very end. This emotionally drama filled show was aided by its comedic moments and intertwining of video projections.

Michelle Clunie and Jeff LeBeau in "US", Photo Credit: Russ RowlandAs a playwright, it was evident that Michelle carefully chose her words, and an actress, she delivered those words brillliantly. Jeff's performance was equally as spot on, really helping bring Michelle's dialogue to life. Both performers have great comedic talents in physical comedy and doing impersonations, but it was their emotional moments that captured me.

Traveling between present day and the road that got them to where they are now, it was very interesting to see the build up of events, even though there were a few moments I had a little trouble following the sequence of events, overall, they were displayed well.

Michelle Clunie and Jeff LeBeau in "US", Photo Credit: Russ RowlandOne of my favorite parts of the show was when each character came to a realization either about himself or herself about the situation and they didn't necessarily know how to change it, but continued on, learning from it. My other favorite part of the show was the true moment of self-empowerment, an action, I hope everyone is able to discover for themselves.

Michelle Clunie and Jeff LeBeau in "US", Photo Credit: Russ Rowland"US" is a must see show whether you are looking for a new playwright with strong writing skills or if you are a fan of Michelle Clunie and want to see a different kind of emotion from her.

"US" plays at The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue) through September 29! Click here for tickets!

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