Photo Credit: Emily IntraviaIf you walk through NYC's Times Square, you will see dozens of street performers from Mickey Mouse and Elmo to the Naked Cowboy to the Silver Statue guys vying for your attention. To some, these street artists are the greatest spectacle ever seen. To others, they are just gimmicks trying to sell something. But to those underneath their masks and costumes, they are actors or singers or another craftsperson trying to make a name for themselves.

For one NYC street performer in particular, his job as one of those Silver Statue guys, is just that, a survival job, while he tries to jump-start his acting career. On Friday, August 24, 2012, I decided to take a step inside the world of Tim Intravia when I attended one of the final performances of his show "From Busk Till Dawn: The Life of an NYC Street Performer" in the New York International Fringe Festival!

Tim Intravia as the "Silver Statue" guy, Photo Credit: Emily IntraviaWhat made Tim's show so enjoyable was his honesty, humor, and delivery! He performed most of the show in his "Silver Statue" outfit. From getting arrested to being assaulted to being yelled at, Tim took the audience through his daily routine of standing still in Times Square, hoping someone will tip him to make a move. Tim also showed us what goes through his mind, while waiting for that one person, to drop a coin in his box. For seven years now, Tim has been performing as one of those Silver Statue guys in Times Square, a job, that has taken him around the world, but mostly, it's kept him "frozen" in one spot.

With bigger dreams than being a "Silver Statue," Tim goes from audition to audition, hoping for THAT moment, when he will finally be able to wash off the Silver make-up for good. While Tim's frustration of being a "Silver Statue" is evident, what I saw from Tim's performance was an actor who knows how to tell a story and keep his audience laughing and engaged for an hour.

Keeping me fascinated the whole time; I hope "From Busk Till Dawn" will help "move" Tim's career forward! Whether this show continues on or not after the Fringe Festival, Tim's life is about to get bigger when his web series "Parker & Steve" premieres in late September on a computer near you and Tim starts writing for BACKSTAGE's "Take 5 Column," chronicling his life as an actor!

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