Because of fellow "Call Me Adam" participant Stuart Williams, who starred in "An Ideal Husband," as "Viscount Goring," the son of "The Earl of Caversham, K. G." (played by Peter Judd), I was able to enjoy this production of Oscar Wilde's play, directed b Michael Hardart, and put on by Sink or Swim Rep.

My favorite line from "An Ideal Husband," was uttered by Rachel Niehiesel as "Mrs. Marchmont," "I enjoy looking at geniuses & listening to beautiful people." I feel this perfectly sums up what I thought of this show. The cast was terrific and did a great job of putting on this comedic show. I have seen Stuart in a few shows and in the two short years I have known him, his growth as an actor continues. The best part about Stuart's comedic style of acting was his facial expressions, which got the laugh every time! Clemmie Evans and Rachel Niehiesel who played "The Countess of Basildon" and "Mrs. Marchmont," also tickled my funny bone. While they were only on stage for the first 20 minutes or so of the play, they both left quite an impression. Amanda Jones and Emily Jon Mitchell also left a smile on my face "Mrs. Cheveley" and "Lady Markby." Their comedic talents came in the way they delivered their lines, with much inflection. Whiteny Kaufman also lit up the stage as "Lady Chiltern," who learned much about herself throughout the show. Jade Anderson delighted me too with her self-involved portrayal of "Mabel Chiltern." "Mabel's" superficial outlook on life and concern for herself added much comic relief to the show.

With a running time of 3 hours, I was surprised at how quickly the time passed. The show did have a few slow moments here and there, but overall, I enjoyed myself. To have that kind of running time, a show needs to either be a gripping drama like "August Osage County" or have a lot of funny moments like "An Ideal Husband" had.

I am glad to have been introduced to Sink or Swim Rep and look forward to attending future productions. "An Ideal Husband" plays through Sunday, July 29 at the Connelly Theater in NYC's East Village (220 East 4th Street, between Avenue A & B). Click here for tickets!

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