Cast of "Evita", Photo Credit: Richard TermineTonight I saw the Broadway revival of "Evita" starring Ricky Martin as "Che," Michael Cerveris as "Peron," Max Von Essen as "Magaldi," and on Wednesday nights Christina DeCicco as "Evita." "Evita" is one of my favorite musicals and say what you will, but my first introduction to "Evita" was the movie that starred Madonna and Antonio Banderas. I loved the movie and listened to the recording all the time! To finally have the chance to see this show live on Broadway was wonderful!

Max Von Essen as "Magaldi", Photo Credit: Richard TermineMichael Cerveris as "Peron", Photo Credit: Richard TermineThe cast I saw tonight was terrific! I was already a huge Max Von Essen and Michael Cerveris fan, so to get to hear them sing is just wonderful! Max is great as "Magaldi," especially because his vocals fill the theatre! While the audience on stage is not supposed to be listening to him sing, the theatre going audience is because he has one of the most rich voices I have heard. Max triumphs on "On This Night of a Thousand Stars" and "Eva, Beware of the City." I have seen Michael in a number of shows, my favorite being "Tommy," and as usual, I was mesmerized by Michael's voice. He too has one of the most powerful voices I have heard. Michael taps into the characters he plays really well, and tonight, as "Peron," was no exception. I loved hearing him sing "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You," "A New Argentina," and "Dice Are Rolling." I have never seen Ricky Martin live, so that in itself was a real treat. For me, Ricky really shined as "Che," especially on "Goodnight and Thank You," "High Flying, Adored," "And The Money Kept Rolling In," and "Waltz for Eva and Che." I've known Ricky could dance (from his music), but it was very nice to see him do it live. Playing the role of "Evita" tonight was Christina DeCicco (who covers the role on Wednesday night and Saturday matinee performances) who embodied "Evita." She commands the stage, carries the show, and has one of the most beautiful, beautiful singing voice I have heard in a while. She sings the whole show and it was pure delight.

Ricky Martin as "Che", Photo Credit: Richard TermineSome of my favorite numbers in the show were "Buenos Aires," "Another Suitcase in Another Hall," "And The Money Kept Rolling In," and "Santa Evita." I loved "Buenos Aires" and "And The Money Kept Rolling In" because I thought they were very well choreographed and really showcased the cast as a whole. I also really liked "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" because it showcased Rachel Potter's gorgeous voice! She really raised the roof on that one! "Santa Evita" was great because Ava DeMary who played the role of the "Child" tonight had a soulfully big voice for such a young actress. I was blown away by her vocal quality and look forward to seeing her continue to rise.

I had a great time at "Evita." Tonight's cast was very talented and I'm glad I got to see it! "Evita" plays at the Marquis Theatre in NYC (1535 Broadway, between 45th & 46th Street). Click here for tickets and follow the show on Facebook and Twitter!

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