"Symphony of Shadows" is a show that will stay with me for years to come! One of the best performance pieces I have seen in a while, "Symphony of Shadows" combined elements of circus and aerial arts, dance and movement, burlesque and operatic productions.

"Symphony of Shadows" brilliantly executed its story of a woman who suffers from sleep disorders, phantasmagorical night terrors, hypnotic horrors, and other visually stunning conjurings from the subconscious depths of her own disturbed mind.

Created and directed by Rachel Klein, founder of Rachel Klein Theater Ensemble, "Symphony of Shadows" is a show that everyone can relate to, especially with it's universal theme of sleep disorders. The show took the audience on a journey of a woman who had to maneuver through her life while suffering from various sleep disorders. The show perfectly demonstrated how sleepless nights affect our waking hours, especially the time spent at work. From someone who has had his own share of sleepless nights, I easily identified with what this woman was going through. One of the worst sounds a person can hear after a sleepless night is the ringing of an alarm clock signaling it's time to wake up.

"Symphony of Shadows" Aerial Witch, Photo Credit: Michael Blase"Symphony of Shadows" Boys, Photo Credit: Michael BlaseRachel was very smart to use multi-style movement performance styles to push this story along. The way she differeniated between daytime and nighttime was very well thought out. The extremely talented cast of performers engulfed the audience with their artistry. Cheers and applause were heard throughout the night after each scene was over. In addition to the story and performers, the costumes were terrific! They really added to the telling of this story.

Dixon Place was a great place to mount "Symphony of Shadows" because it really allowed me to feel part of the show. It gave me a perfect view of the artistry at hand, one that I would not have had in a bigger venue. There were so many details throughout this show, I was very happy to be able to experience it in an intimate setting.

Cast of "Symphony of Shadows", Photo Credit: Michael Blase"Symphony of Shadows" is more than show, it's truly a spectacular! If you are looking for an evening of great story-telling through multi-genre performance arts then I would highly recommend "Symphony of Shadows" which runs through June 23 at Dixon Place in NYC (161A Chrystie Street). Click here for tickets!

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