Adam Rothenberg and "Miranda" at "Miranda Sings""Miranda Sings" defies genres by combining music, comedy, and theatre into an evening of enjoyment and entertainment! That is exactly what I thought on Monday, May 28, 2012 when I attended "Miranda Sings" as part of Jim Caruso's Broadway at Birdland series at Birdland in NYC. Created by Colleen Ballinger, "Miranda Sings" takes audiences inside the world of "Miranda," a women who thinks she the greatest singer on earth. From musical theatre numbers to pop songs, "Miranda" sings her heart out while using the songs to tell a story, on this night, she told the story of her life.

Colleen is an amazing singer. "Miranda" is not (despite what she thinks). The genius that makes "Miranda Sings" so awesome is the way Colleen is able to use her talented to voice to sing badly on purpose. It takes real skill to do what Colleen does without hurting one's voice. Not only is Colleen an amazing singer, but she is a fierce comedian who's quick on her feet. Colleen knows exactly how seduce her audience into loving "Miranda!"

Covering songs from "Wicked," "Chicago," "Rent," and by such artists as Lady Gaga, "Miranda" shows the audience her talent. On this particular night, Seth Rudetsky and Adam Pascal joined "Miranda" for this theatrical comedy ride. Both artists added much laughter and enjoyment to the night as Seth tried to give "Miranda" a voice lesson and "Miranda" gave Adam his own lesson (both of which were hilarious in itself).

"Miranda Sings" is a comedy for theatre lovers and their supporters! Colleen's brilliance in creating "Miranda" shines through from beginning to end and everywhere in between! The next time "Miranda Sings," I would highly suggest checking her out!

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