Artwork by Billy MitchellCast of "Mame", Photo Credit: Diane SobolewskiOn Sunday, June 10, 2012, I had two wonderful experiences in one wonderful day! I finally got to see my first show at Goodspeed Musicals in CT and I got to see my first production of "Mame," which is playing there through July 7! I got to attend this show with fellow "Call Me Adam" participant Billy Mitchell who designed the artwork not only for "Mame," but their whole season!

Louise Pitre as "Mame", Photo Credit: Diane SobolewskiCharles Hagerty and Louise Pitre, Photo Credit: Diane SobolewskiStarring the very talented and always enjoyable Louise Pitre as "Mame" (whom I adored in "Mamma Mia" on Broadway), along with the brilliant Judy Blazer as "Vera," the talented and sexy Charles Hagerty as "Patrick," the hilarious Kirsten Wyatt as "Gooch," as well as a host of other talented performers who helped make this production a fun time.

I was thrilled to see Louise Pitre in the role of "Mame" as I have not had a chance to see her on stage since "Mamma Mia." Louise continues to be in fine form from acting to singing! The songs that Louise performs in "Mame" really showcase her golden vocals. It was great to see her center stage! Providing much of the comic relief in this show was Judy Blazer as "Vera," "Mame's" best friend. Judy had strong comic timing and always got the laugh at the perfect time! Her chemistry with Louise was terrific, both playing well off of each other. Another favorite part of "Mame" was when Charles Hagerty came on stage as the grown-up "Patrick." While his looks caught my immediate attention, I was more taken in by his talent. He has good acting skills and a beautiful singing voice. He really added much to the show and worked well with everyone on stage. Stealing the spotlight definitely went to Kirsten Wyatt as "Gooch," especially when she sang "Gooch's Song." Her comedy talent was wonderful! She took comedy to another level!

Louise Pitre and Judy Blazer, Photo Credit: Diane SobolewskiJudy Blazer, Louise Pitre, and Kirsten Wyatt, Photo Credit: Diane SobolewskiYet, another aspect of "Mame" I really enjoyed was the music. Some of my favorite songs were "Open a New Window," "Mame," "My Best Girl" (reprise), "Bosom Buddies," "Gooch's Song," and "If He Walked Into My Life."

Coming from NYC, attending a show at Goodspeed is a full day's event. But it's a full day that is so worth while! The grounds surrounding the theatre are beautiful. Overlooking the water, there is a delicious restaurant right next door to the theatre and then afterwards, you can take a walk down to the water, which was a really relaxing way to spend a few moments before the show started. The inside of the theatre house is breathtaking as well. It looks like an old-fashoned house from the early century. I love historic places like that. I really felt as though I was on a mini vacation.

If you are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable day away seeing an old fashioned musical, then I would highly suggest checking out "Mame" at Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT (6 Main Street) through July 7! Click here for tickets!

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