If you are a fan of "Harry Potter," whether it be the books or the movies, then you need to go see "Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience" at the Little Shubert Theatre in NYC. Created by and starring Daniel Clarkson and Jeff Turner, "Potted Potter" pays homage to all 7 Harry Potter books with skits, audience games, and a magic show!

I personally, have never seen a Harry Potter movie or read any of the books, however, I was still able to appreciate what Dan and Jeff were doing up on that stage. Some might ask me why would I attend this show if I weren't a big fan of the franchise? Well, I attended this show because Harry Potter has been such a phenomenon in our society that I wanted to see what Dan and Jeff had created.

Dan and Jeff give so much energy, enthusiasm, and love that it was hard for me not to give them a round of applause throughout the show. One the most amazing things about "Potted Potter" is how these two guys took their love for these books/movies and turned it into an hour and a half of laughter for the billions of fans to see.

Jeff Turner and Daniel Clarkson in "Potted Potter"Another wonderful thing about "Potted Potter" is the fact that it is a true family show, one  parents can take their kids to and know they will be entertained. It's truly a night out the whole family can enjoy together, at a reasonable price. This show could be a child's first introduction to theatre and the one that makes them say, "I want to do that."

If you are any kind of "Harry Potter" fan, then I would suggest checking out "Potted Potter" at The Little Shubert Theatre in NYC (422 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue). "Potted Potter" is playing through August 12 only before it continues on tour throughout the country. Click here for tickets to the NY leg of the tour and follow the show on Facebook and Twitter!

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