When a show starts off with the lyrics "I pray for daybreak, to take away my heartache, yearing to set free, the demons haunting me, wishing I could feel alright," I know I'm in for quite a ride. That is exactly how I felt when I attended Bobby Cronin's new musical, "Daybreak," winner of the 2011 New Jersey Playwrights Competition Musical Series, at William Patterson University in NJ on June 17, 2012.

Centering on two couples, one in present day and one forty years before, who search for light outside of their darkness,  "Daybreak" is a musical that gives hope to those who are struggling with the demons that haunt them. "Daybreak" shows that if you hold one for one more day, things can get better.

Helping bring Bobby's message to life are Daniel Kirkley, Brett Dameron, Amy Burgmaier, and Jodi Alayne Bluestein. Daniel and Amy play present day couple "Dylan" and "Rebecca," while Brett and Jodi play past couple "Jamie" and "Kelly." It's great watching this story unfold, seeing the similarities and differences between these two couples.

Hands down, I was most blown away by Daniel Kirkley, from his vocals to his acting! I have heard many wonderful male singers before, but Daniel's voice is golden! He seems to have really identified with his character of "Dylan" as well as the struggles "Dylan" faced. Amy Burgmaier was brilliant as "Rebecca." Her voice is beatuiful and her acting skills are terrific! Jodi Alwayne Bluestein was great as "Kelly," hitting all the right notes! Brett Dameron was delightful as "Jamie," especially his acting. All four actors worked well together, really playing off of each other.

The music of "Daybreak" is very soothing to the ears. Bobby wrote some fierce songs along with Brett Teresa, that really spoke to me. A few of my favroite songs were "Daybreak," "Rain," "Oh Facebook," "House of Cards," "Cry," "Move On," "This Time," "The Roads We've Taken," and "Changed."

There are some wonderful new writers out there and Bobby Cronin is one of them! "Daybreak" may deal with some heavy issues, but sometimes you have to go through the darkness to see the light, which to me, is the message of "Daybreak."

"Daybreak, please find me, remind me..."

"Daybreak" runs through June 24 at the Hunziker Theatre at William Patterson University in New Jersey (300 Pompton Road, Wayne, NJ 07470. Click here for tickets!

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