Matt Doyle: ROCKED IT! CONSTANT Release Concert at Bon Soir at the Pink Elephant

On June 11, 2012, I was very fortunate to have been invited to Matt Doyle's private release concert at Bon Soir at the Pink Elephant in NYC for his new EP "CONSTANT," releasing June 12. One of the reasons this event was so special is because Bon Soir is where Barbra Streisand was discovered in the 1960s. Bon Soir closed down in the 1960s, but its doors have recently reopened as one of NYC's invitation-only premiere cabaret spaces. Every Monday, those lucky enough to be invited, will get to see some of the best in entertainment perform!

The space of Bon Soir at The Pink Elephant is perfect for a private concert like this. This intimate venue really lends itself to the music world. It allows the audience to get very close and personal with the artist. The further seat from the stage might 20 feet. The space gives the artist room to perform, but also to really interact with their fans. I hope to have the chance to attend more events here! It's one of my new favorite places in NYC!

Matt's performance ROCKED! He performed a few songs from his debut EP "Daylight," and a few songs from his new EP "Constant," and a few cover songs as well. On CD Matt sounds amazing, but live, Matt kills it! He knows how to give the audience something to cheer about! His voice is powerful, controlled, and worth listening to!

Matt started off the night with "If Morning Can't Wait," from his debut EP "Daylight." Other songs from "Daylight" included "Home," a very touching song which he wrote at a time when he and his dad were not speaking. (Since that time, they have reconciled, so much so, that his dad created the artwork for Matt's new EP "Constant"), "Weigh Me Down," and a great cover of Sam Cooke's "Lost and Lookin'," one of Matt's big musical influences.

Matt Doyle at Bon Soir at The Pink Elephant in NYCSince the evening was a release for his new EP "Constant," Matt delighted the crowd with several tunes! "Can't Have You," is a beatitful song about unrequitted love, while "Can't Stay Here" is a song I easily identified with. The song is about trying to find yourself and the things that really matter and how one keeps moving until they find what they are looking for. "Don't Wait," was inspired by Matt and his first love's road trip from LA to San Francisco. While that relationship didn't work out as lovers, they are now good friends who will be starring in an upcoming project together this Fall. Ending the night, Matt performed a wonderful love song "What You Stole," about finding the love of your life. This song really touched me and gave me continued hope that one day I will find the love of my life.

Mixed in with songs from his two EPs, Matt covered a few of his favorite artists including Foy Vance's break-up song "First of July," Ottis Redding's "These Arms of Mine" and Adele's "One and Only."

The reason Matt's first EP "Daylight" debuted in the Top 40 of the iTunes Pop Charts is because Matt shows his connection to the music by his vocal power. He has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time! He wears his emotions in his songs. I love Matt's first EP, but "Constant" is a quick favorite of mine! I got an advanced copy at the show tonight and I have not stopped listening to it since I got home. "Constant" is surely going to continue to take Matt places! Pick up your copy today!

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Check out Matt performing "What You Stole" from his concert (courtesy of Next Magazine)

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