Chad Kimball and Guy Burnet, Photo Credit: Carol RoseggOne of the most gripping dramatic plays I have seen, "Murder In The First" is a must see! Starring Chad Kimball and Guy Burnet, "Murder In The First" is a compelling true story of the trial that ultimately led to the closing of Alcatraz - the most notorious correctional institution in U.S. history.

This is the first dramatic role I have seen Chad Kimball in and I was blown away by his performance! Chad really embodied his character inmate "Willie Moore," making me forget Chad was on stage. Chad's strength as a dramatic actor is remarkable. I've adored him for years musicals, but to see him in this role, makes me hope he will get more offers for dramas. Chad has many emotional scenes throughout the play with each one building upon the other until the final explosion. 

Guy Burnet, Anthoula Katsimatides, and Chad Kimball, Photo Credit: Carol RoseggGuy Burnet and Chad Kimball, Photo Credit: Carol RoseggAssisting Chad in his excellence is Guy Burnet as lawyer "Henry Davidson." Guy is making his US stage debut and what a debut! Guy is perfectly cast as "Henry," who is hired to defend "Willie." Guy stands on his own as he manuvers through "Willie's" challenges and discoveries. The chemistry between Chad and Guy is great! These two actors work really well together. I hope Guy continues to perform in the US.

Another stand-out performance was given by Anthoula Katsimatides as "Blanche," the hooker. Anthoula's scene with Chad is one of the more intense scenes in the show and the two of them togehter is quite something! They seductively feed off of each other as their emotions come to the forefront, allowing each of them to feel what they need to.

Cast of Murder in the First, Photo Credit: Carol RoseggDan Gordon has written a well crafted court drama. All of the actors help bring his words to life! "Murder In The First" is definitely worth the trip to 59E59 Theaters in NYC (59 East 59th Street)! Court will be held until July 1, so I would suggest getting there before. Click here for tickets!

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