Linda Lavin and Adam Rothenberg, Photo Credit: Chip DuckettTo get to hear Linda Lavin sing is a treat, but to get to see Linda Lavin sing live is a gift. That's exactly what I thought while attending her CD release party, at the Metropolitan Room in NYC, for her debut CD "Possibilities," released on the Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight record label.

On CD, I can tell Linda enjoys singing, but watching Linda perform these songs live, gave me the full view of just how much energy, love, and joy she gets from singing. Backed by her incredibly talented band, consisting of the legendary Billy Stritch who was her musical director in addition to pianist, Linda's talented husband Steve Bakunas on drums, and the amazing Steve Doyle on bass, it was great getting to hear Linda sing so many wonderful songs.

Linda Lavin "Possibilties" CD Release Party, Photo Credit: Stephen SorokoffLinda Lavin "Possibilties" CD Release Party, Photo Credit: Stephen SorokoffFrom the quiet moments on "Two For The Road" or "Corcovado (Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars)" to the upbeat tunes on "Rhode Island Is Famous For You" or "There's A Small Hotel" to her beautiful belt on "The Song Remembers When" or "You've Got Possibilties," Linda is in tune with her vocal power. She performed many of the songs from "Possibilities" as well as a few surprises such as the "Alice" theme song and "The Boy From..." which she sang in the original Off-Broadway production of "The Mad Show." 

The other great aspect of attending a live Linda Lavin show, which I'm glad this CD release party was a release concert, is the numerous stories she tells in between songs. Linda's a natural story teller. The stories flow out of her so effortlessly and made me feel like were just sitting around her living room talking. See, that is another key aspect to Linda's live shows, the way she makes everyone feel so comfortable and relaxed. One of my favorite stories was hearing Linda talk about her days singing in the "downstairs" of night clubs when she first came to NY as she was tyring to get theatre work. She jokes about how all the clubs she sang in were "downstairs," and now it means so much to perform street level now.

Linda has created an amazing career for herself. From TV to theatre to music, Linda can do it all. "Possibilities" is a strong debut and I hope it's just the beginning of a long recording career! Linda's singing voice needs to be heard and let's hope there will always be a live show to along with that singing.

"Possibilities" is available now through Amazon, iTunes, and Sh-K-Boom records. For more on Linda and "Possibilities" check out my interview with Linda, "Possibilites" review, and of course or her Official Facebook Fan Page!

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