Lucy Owen, Photo Credit: Angela BenefielOn Wednesday, May 30, I saw The Active Theater's thought provoking production of Jennie Contuzzi's "Body Language." Starring Tim Barker, Daniel Daminao, Jeb Kreager, Mary Jo Mecca, Lucy Owen, and Artistic Director Nathaniel Shaw (who also served as director and has stepped in for Christian Campbell who had to withdraw from the production due to a prior film committment), "Body Language" takes the audience on a darker journey of self-acceptance, covering many scenarios not often publicly talked about.

Lucy Owen and Jeb Kreager, Photo Credit: Angela BenefielThe show follows "Mary," played exquistely by Lucy Owen, as she spends the better part of her two-year relationship with "Mike," wonderfully played by Jeb Kreager, trying to be the person "Mary" thinks "Mike" wants her to be, but when "Mike" proposes to her, "Mary" must decide whether to reveal her true self.

Nathaniel ShawJoining "Mary," are her sister "Marsha," play wonderfully by Mary Jo Mecca, "Mary's" friend "Theo," well played by Nathaniel Shaw, "Marsha's" boss "Harold," played delightfully by Tim Barker, and "Mike's" friend "Alan," convincenly played by Daniel Damiano. Each of these characters have a significant role in "Mary's" journey.

"Body Language" is well written by Jennie. Her stlye for this show gives you just enough information about each character to see their connection to the central story, while touching on others, that in the end, I wanted to know more about. For me, the feeling I left with, was that I wanted to know more. I was very invested in this story and these characters. For that to happen must mean the writing, acting, and directing came together well for me.

Mary Jo Mecca and Tim Barker, Photo Credit: Angela BenefielDaniel Damiano and Jeb Kreager, Photo Credit: Angela BenefielI love going to a show that challenges my comfort level and opens the door for further discussion. I commend The Active Theater for putting on a show that deals with a heavier subject matter. If you want to support a new voice in theatre, I would recommend going to see The Active Theater's production of Jennie Contuzzi's "Body Langauge" through June 10 at The Workshop Theatre - Mainstage in NYC (312 West 36th Street, 4th Floor, between 8th & 9th Avenue). Click here for tickets and for more on The Active Theater visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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