On Sunday, April 22, 2012 I went to the Attic Ensemble Theatre in the very easily accessible Jersey City (via the Path Train) to see Billy Mitchell's "Blood & Oil." If you can make it to its final weekend this Thurs-Sun (April 26-29), you should! Billy wrote and directed a really great suspenseful play that leaves you wondering what comes next! You might think you will be able to guess what happens throughout the show, but believe me, you will be surprised with the twists and turns the show takes.

"Blood & Oil" tells the tale of estranged twin sisters, "Allison" and "Madeline," who reconnect on their birthday and the anniversary of their mother's death. What unravels after that is a series of family secrets that leads to quite a shocking discovery!

Cast of "Blood & Oil", Photo Credit: Tatsuro NishimuraThe actors are really great! Judith Moss embodies, "Miss Daja," a psychic whose role is essiential to all the twists and turns entwined in this dramatic comedy. Art Delo is very good as "Allison" and "Madeline's" dad, leaving you with many questions about his time with their mother. Leah Brett is wonderful as "the young runaway" who has a real "Exorcist" moment, while the compelling Erin Flanagan Lind and seductive Hank Morris are perfectly cast as twin sisters "Allison" and "Madeline" with more drama than a soap-opera!

"Blood & Oil" runs until this Sunday, April 29 at the Attic Ensemble Theatre in Jesery City (83 Wayne Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302). Click here for tickets!

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