Adam Rothenberg and Joan Rivers at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYCI've said it before and I have to say it again, there are many moments in my life, since starting "Call Me Adam," that I've been so fortunate to have! Tonight was another one of those times when I attended Joan Rivers comedy show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC. This is my fourth time seeing the legendary comedian perform live and I feel just as lucky tonight as I did in 2003, when I saw Joan Rivers for the first time at Fez.

While I have seen Miss Rivers perform live multiple times, each time is special and unique, because she always has new material. To this day, Joan continues to push the comedy envelope. Joan has remained a success because she stays current with her material! She talks about what's happening right now, from the world of entertainment to politics to her personal life. Joan's live shows are terrific because they are engaging. She really connects with her audience and feeds off of them effortlessly. I was fortunate just to be able to attend the show tonight, but I was extra delighted when I was the audience member she started engaging with. To have Joan Rivers talk to you from the stage and make fun of you to your face is a moment I will remember forever as well as having the opportunity to meet Miss Rivers after the show who was gracious, personable, and extremely kind! In addition to taking a picture with me and my friend, she also signed my copy of her documentary, "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" and the 1993 TV movie, "Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story," which is one of my favorite made-for-TV movies. That movie is one of the reasons I am such a big Joan Rivers fan. 

In addition to an hour plus of laughter, another amazing aspect of a Joan Rivers comedy show is really getting to see the skills of this comedic genius up close. Watching Joan on television is great, but sitting in the intimate performance space that is the Laurie Beechman Theatre, is like having Joan Rivers teach a master class in comedy. Joan has a style all her own, which is yet another reason why she is still on top!

It's evident that Joan Rivers loves performing live. It's really a once in a lifetime opporutnity! Joan's next appearance at the Laurie Beechman Theatre which is scheduled for April 17, is already SOLD OUT! Keep your eyes on her schedule because the next time Joan Rivers comes to the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC, I strongly recommend trying to get a ticket. It will be an hour plus where you'll forget your troubles and just smile from laughter!

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