I had quite the time when I attended Ryan Scott Oliver's "35MM: A Musical Exhibition" on Monday, March 12, 2012 at the Galapoagos Art Space in Brooklyn, NY. This uniquely presented show is a multimedia musical by Ryan Scott Oliver inspired by photographs by Matthew Murphy. Bringing the audience on this journey is the extremely talented Alex Brightman, Ben Crawford, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Lindsay Mendez, and Betsy Wolfe. From the opening number "Stop Time" to the several minute cheering applause after "The Ballad Of Sara Berry" the cast blew the audience away with their very powerful vocals! Together and individually, Alex, Ben, Jay, Lindsay, and Betsy shined blindingly bright! I couldn't think of a better group of performers to bring this show alive.

The genius of this show is how Ryan Scott Oliver's music convey's the message of Matthew Murphy's photographs. I was constantly amazed at how the songs really spoke to each picture individually. Ryan's music is a fresh sound that was very enjoyable to listen to. It's no wonder his concerts always sell out! My favorite numbers were "Stop Time," "Crazytown," "The Party Goes With You," "Leave Luanne," "Hemming and Hawing," "On Monday," "Make Me Happy," "The Seraph," "Cut You a Piece," and the show stopping "The Ballad of Sara Berry."

This was really a great collaboration. The Galapoagas Art Space was wonderful setting for "35MM." It's designed with a "runway" that leads up to the stage, which at times had the cast interacting with the audience. Dispersed throughout the front portion of the main level were little pools of water with Matthew's pictures perfectly afloat.

"35MM" is so good that it has added one more performance, this Wednesday, March 14 at 8pm! Click here for tickets! The Galapoagas Art Space is located at 16 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY.

I hope and expect that "35MM" will have another life. I really wish it finds an equally grand space here in Manhattan. 

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