On Saturday, February 4, 2012, I attended the very family-friendly show "Freckleface the Musical" based upon the children's book, "Freckleface Strawberry" by Julianne Moore. Written by Rose Caiola and Gary Kupper, with music and lyrics by Kupper as well, "Freckleface the Musical" connects the dots perfectly!

Enticing children and adults alike, "Freckleface the Musical" really shows the audience that it's okay to be different and everyone has something unique about them. Bringing the book and music to life is a wonderful cast of young performers: Francesca McGrory ("Freckleface Strawberry"), Bridget Riley ("Ballet Girl"), Matthew Hooper ("Jake"/"Fredo"), Sarah Haines ("Mother"/"Teacher"/"Jane"), Ashley Tobias ("Emily"), Wesley Tunison ("Danny"), and William Bailey ("Harry"/"Don Fontaine").

Each one of them shined brightly throughout the show. One of my favorite scenes in the show was where most of the cast jumped roped while singing. In addition the a well written book, the music wonderfully helped move the story along. Some of my favorite numbers were "Perfect," "Lonely Girl," "We Wanna Be Like Them," "Be Yourself," "When You Got Friends," and "Different." Each of these songs added to the emotion of the scenes.

"Freckleface The Musical" is a great way to introduce kids to live theatre. It's colorful, engaging, and full of songs they will sing for hours on end. It's also a wonderful show because it lets kids (and adults) know it's okay to be who they are and to celebrate their differences. "Freckleface The Musical" plays every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 3pm at MMAC Theater at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center in NYC (248 West 60th Street). Click here for tickets! Click here for the original cast recording.

Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy

Sister Act The Musical: Still Fabulous Baby!