Alec Mapa and Adam RothenbergWith a smile on my face as loud laughter emerged from my mouth, I spent the evening of Friday, February 12, 2012, attending Alec Mapa's "Baby Daddy" at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC. Best known for his starring role on "Ugly Betty" as fashion reporter "Suzuki St. Pierre" and guest appearances on "Desperate Housewives" as "Vern," "Gabriel Solis'" personal shopper, Alec Mapa brought his new one man show to life in a big way!

In "Baby Daddy," Alec talks about going from party boy to parenthood. With much humor and the perfect amount of heart, Alec's story is one that everyone can identify with. For me, a gay guy who's not sure where he stands on having children of his own, I could still relate to Alec's journey, because as we all get older our lives and responsibilities change, whether children are involved or not. Like Alec, I have gone from a care-free 20something to a 30something who's found his footing.

The comedic style in which Alec has structured "Baby Daddy" was beyond brilliant. As the show goes from his early days of being a young child watching the Tony Awards to his more wild days on the party scene, Alec's comedy style shifts as well. Moving into the days of becoming a daddy, Alec's comedic genius continues to evolve. I think that was one of my favorite things about this show, was not only watching Alec grow, but watching his craft move at the same rate.

Alec recounts so many hilarious moments from his life. Just as I was doubling over with laughter, Alec found a way to bring heart to some of the craziest moments. Alec talked a lot about how he has so much love to give to his son, even when he thinks he's given all he's got, Alec always finds a way to give that much more. When I came to the show tonight, I just expected to laugh, but I found out that I did more than just laugh. I was moved, inspired, and energized to keep striving to be the best that I can be and love as big as I can. I left this show feeling happy. Happy for Alec that he had this incredible journey. Happy that he has found a creative way to tell his story. Happy that I attended.

With just 1 performance left, tomorrow, Saturday (Feb. 11) at 7:30pm, I highly suggest getting a ticket, if you can, to Alec Mapa's "Baby Daddy." It's an evening I will never forget and one I hope you'll get to remember forever! Click here for tickets!

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