After seeing 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti at 59E59 Theaters on December 11, 2012, it's evident as to why Penny Fuller has worked in theatre, film, television, and music for five decades. Penny Fuller is a strong actress with a gorgeous singing voice. Whether she's engulfing the audience with her words or belting out a tune, all eyes and ears are on Ms. Fuller.

13 Things About Ed Carpolotti is a new musical written by Barry Kleinbort, based upon the play by Jeffery Hatcher, with musical direction by Paul Greenwood. 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti tells the story of love and survival. When "Viriginia Carpolotti" discovers her recently deceased husband left her a mass amount of debt to shady bankers, mobsters and embezzlers, newly widowed "Virginia" must dig her way out when an anonymous blackmailer requests her to give him one million dollars.

In this one-woman show, Penny Fuller sparkles as "Virginia Carpolotti." She took us through "Virginia's" journey of loss, frustration, and finding out the truth about her husband. Money can buy many things, but no amount of money could have bought "Virginia" what she uncovered in this hour show. The show went by very quickly as Penny captivated my attention, especially during her musical numbers, and I was left wanting a little bit more. Definitely more of Penny singing, but I also wanted maybe another 10 minutes as I felt the story wrapped up a little too quickly (and I very rarely feel that way).

Penny commanded the stage. Her voice echoed throughout the theatre. I particularly loved "Where Did We Meet?," "We're Gonna Be Fine," "You Are My Happiness," and "One More Spring." I loved "Where Did We Meet" because it showed a very real side to the aging process in that while "Virginia" loved "Ed" very much, that one detail of where they met escapes her. Penny's portrayal of "Virginia's" frustration with herself for not remembering and the longing she yearned for to remember was great. "We're Gonna Be Fine" demonstrated "Virginia's" optimism for her life with "Ed," even during the rocky times. "You're My Happiness" is one of the most perfect love songs that could be written. It revealed just how much love "Virginia" had for "Ed." "One More Spring" was my favorite song because it's a song I think everyone can identify with for we all have lost someone we loved and we would be delighted to have one moment more with them.

Penny Fuller in "13 Things About Ed Carpolotti"I have never seen Penny Fuller on stage before nor had I heard her sing, so getting to see her do both in 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti was divine! I hope this show gets a cast recording so I can hear Penny Fuller's gorgeous vocals over and over again. Penny gave a master class in acting, in singing, and in what it means to be seasoned performer. I felt so lucky to see her live. I look forward to the next 5 decades of her career!

13 Things About Ed Carpolotti plays at 59E59 Theaters (59 East 59th Street, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue) through December 30. Click here for tickets!

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