For a second year in a row Jackie Hoffman triumphed in her holiday-themed, pseudo-autobiographical, one-woman show, "A Chanukah Charol," inspired by Patrick Stewart's "A Christmas Carol." When visited by the Ghosts of Chanukah Past, Present and Future, as well as Molly Picon, Jackie is forced to examine her life. What she finds on her quest for fame is that she is a dark desperate diva who would give Scrooge a run for his money.

With her signature brand of humor, at times enjoyably dark, Jackie had me laughing from the moment she walked out on stage. Jackie's comedy is genius and her timing is impeccable. In matters of a second Jackie effortlessly switched between a multitude of characters including her mother, Patrick Stewart, and the Ghosts of Chanukah Past, Present, and Future. Jackie always got the laugh because she is a master of her craft. Her delivery was direct, honest, and on target.

I have been to several of Jackie's shows, but what I love most about "A Chanukah Charol" is that I get a glimpse into many different aspects of Jackie's life from childhood to now. One of my favorite moments in the show came when Jackie impersonated her mother's dinners as it made me think so much of my own family.

"A Chanukah Charol" is definitely a fun night out with lots of laughter and a great message about the choices we make and how those choices affect our lives. If you are looking to laugh your troubles away this holiday season, I would highly recommend checking out Jackie Hoffman's "A Chanukah Charol" every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue) through December 29. Click here for tickets and follow Jackie on Facebook, Twitter, and at

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