Carole Demas, Paula Janis, Adam Rothenberg, and my friend GlennOn Saturday, October 6, 2012, I was transported back to my childhood when I got to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of one of my favorite television shows growing up, "The Magic Garden" at The Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater in NYC with it's original stars Carole Demas and Paula Janis as part of the New York Children's Theater Festival. It was a remarkable afternoon of magic, songs, laughter, and good memories.

Taking the audience on a trip down memory lane with songs and video clips from "The Magic Garden," Carole and Paula brought lots of smiles to the many faces of adults who adored them as children. This concert was a great way for this new generation of children to be introduced to two performers who helped pioneer children's television and programming. "The Magic Garden" was one of the most successful, locally produced children's shows in the country, airing on WPIX from the early 1970s to the mid 1980s.

Set in a colorful garden Carole and Paula brought stories, songs, games, lessons, and laughter to their allegiance of fans. Semi re-creating "the garden" for this concert, Carole and Paula sang some of the most popular songs from "The Magic Garden" including "The Magic Garden Song," "The Hello Song," and "Happy Makes Me Clap," which really required the whole audience to participate. One of the great things about Carole and Paula is the way in which they get the whole audience (both kids and adults) up out of their seats and singing along. In addition to these fun songs, Carole and Paula also entertained the audience with numerous clips from "The Magic Garden," some of which I really remembered watching as a child. One of my favorite parts of "The Magic Garden" was when Carole and Paula would go over to "The Chuckle Patch," a flowerbed that would tell jokes. Much to my delight this was one of the clips they showed.

With lots of love and humor, Carole and Paula told stories of their days on the show, interacting with fans, and their lifelong friendship. It was nice to see that after all this time, Carole and Paula still enjoy this time in their life and want to continue to share it with their fans, both old and new.

After 40 years of performing (and 50 years of friendship), Carole and Paula still got it! From their stage presence to their strong vocals to their love and energy, Carole and Paula continue to be in fine form. Their 40th Anniversary celebration continues with shows throughout November and December. Click here to find out when they'll be in your town!

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Below is a video recap filmed by WPIX and if you watch closely, you might just catch a certain blogger during audience participation...

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