I have seen Will and Anthony Nunziata perform live many times, but on October 20, 2012, I attended their homecoming concert at the Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck, NY, and let me say, seeing them in a theatre setting for the first time was just as great as the smaller venues of the past. In an intimate setting, Will and Anthony know how to snuggle up to their audience and give them a good show, but when given the chance to perform in a larger venue like the Emelin Theatre, the boys know how to go big, yet keep things cozy.

Will and Anthony filled the evening with a great mix of music from Broadway, the American and Italian songbook as well as songs from their debut album "Make Someone Happy." They started off the evening with a bang, a mash-up of "This Could Be The Start of Something Big" (off their debut album) and "A Lot of Livin' To Do" (from Bye, Bye Birdie). The combination of these two songs really got the audience excited for more.

Will and Anthony Nunziata singingThey continued the evening singing such hit songs as "Everybody Says Don't," "The Way You Look Tonight," "The Impossible Dream," "Being Alive," "Pure Imagination," "Funiculi Funicula," "Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again," "The Prayer," and "Smile."

I love attending a Will and Anthony concert because they perform together and alone, giving each one the chance to shine. Together, their voices blended brilliantly: always in sync, powerful, and very easy on the ears. When the boys sang separately, I really got a flavor for each of their talents. The love they have for singing really shined through.

In between songs, Will and Anthony entertain the crowd with great stories of growing up, competing against each other, and their musical influences. One of my favorite stories they told (which I have heard before, but always enjoy) is right before they go into "The Prayer." The story is that the night their grandmother died, they found out that every night before bed she would play a recording of Will and Anthony singing "The Prayer," and the night she died, was no exception to this ritual. It's such a touching story and one that has really stuck with me, for it shows the closeness of their family as well as the enormous pride their grandmother had for them.

Whenever I attend a Will and Anthony concert, I always leave with a smile. They really know how to make an audience feel good. With great music, fun stories, and lots of love, Will and Anthony are definitely an act to go see! "Will and Anthony Live in Concert" is currently touring the country through 2013. Click here to find out when they'll be coming to your town!

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