There's a new composer on the rise and his name is Will Reynolds! I had first seen Will in NYMF's Baby Case this past summer and was very taken by his performance and on November 11, 2012, I was introduced to Will Reynolds the composer in Libra Theater's presentation of Poems and Moon Songs: The Music of Will Reynolds at the Underground Lounge in NYC.

Will's style of music is very unique because he takes poems and sets them to music in addition to writing his own original songs. I was blown away by the humor, heart, and sophistication Will put into his lyrics and music. Will has a natural knack for telling stories of love and loss through song, some consisting of a comedic nature. A terrific cast of talent was put together for this wonderful evening of music: Sara Jean Ford, Marissa McGowan, Jeremy Morse, and Zachary Prince hit all the right notes throughout the evening.

My favorite songs of the night were "Heartsong" sung by the whole cast (based upon the poem by Mattie Stepanek), "Can't Fall Asleep" sung by Marissa, "Heart, We Will Forget Him" sung by Sara/Marissa, "Hope" sung by Zachary, (both songs based upon poems by Emily Dickinson), "Si Vous Me Suivez" sung by Jeremy, and "Winter, Wait for Me" and "Spring" sung by Sara. All of these songs struck a chord with me because they reflected the many moods of love/loss I have experienced. I also particularly liked how the songs were sung with big voices, control, and lots of love and enthusiasm!

I'm thrilled to have been able to part of this evening. In addition to seeing some great new talent and experiencing Will's music for the first time, profits from the evening went to Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, for Hurricane Sandy relief. 

Will's music and style is definitely going to bring a new dimension to whatever medium he uses it in (here's hoping it's theatre). 

If you weren't able to be part of this special evening, there is another chance to hear Will's music...this Monday, November 26 at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center (111 Amsterdam Avenue and 65th Street) from 6:00pm to 7:30pm as part of "Broadway's Future Songbook. FOR FREE, you'll get to see excellent talent along with one of NYC's newest rising composers, Will Reynolds!

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