Today, I was introduced to a truly wonderful singer named Parker Scott when I attended his new cabaret show "No Expectations," directed by Gerry Geddes, at The Metropolitan Room in NYC. Parker has a way of seductively drawing you in from the moment he starts to sing for his vocals are powerful, big, controlled, and most of all very easy on the ear.

Mixing sounds of jazz, Broadway, rock, and disco, Parker's multi-talented style resonated very well throughout the show. I was in awe of Parker the whole time. My favorite selections of the afternoon were "Taking The Wheel" (which might just become my new anthem), "Ne me quitte pas," "Non, je ne regrette rien," "An American Hymn," "You Are Here," "Hymne a l'amour," and "MacArthur Park."

Parker Scott at the Metropolitan Room in "No Expectations"I loved "Taking The Wheel" for the lyrics, the melody, and the way Parker's voice sounded, especially when he belted big and powerfully! "Ne me quitte pas," Non, je ne regrette rien," and Hymne a l'amour" were fitting tributes to Parker's dream of going to Paris one day. If I wasn't entranced enough by Parker singing in English, hearing him sing in French, engulfed me even more. I was also very taken by "An American Hymn" because it spoke of the beauty this great earth has to offer and how we should all take a moment to appreciate it. This song was performed on the heels of Parker talking about how whenever he is down; taking a walk through Central Park clears everything up. That story and song really moved me, especially since I have started biking in Central Park myself. The beauty of it really does help bring things into perspective. "You Are Here" was another great selection sang by Parker. This song touched me because it's about continuing to share all of life's moments with someone who has passed on. Parker ended the night on a high note with the original version of "MacArthur Park," by Jimmy Web as sung by Richard Harris. Beore Donna Summer sped it up for her disco hit, Richard sang this slow version, which Parker triumphed on! I guess this should be no surprise, given Parker's incredible talent.

Parker Scott singing in "No Expectations" at The Metropolitan RoomParker Scott's show was so enjoyable that if he sang the phone book, I would sit there and listen. Parker is a talent because he has the skills, personality, and relatability needed to succeed! The next time Parker Scott sings, I would highly recommend attending. Like one of his friends on Facebook said, "You turned a dark damp day into something wonderful!"

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