When I walked into Linda Eder's "A New Life" as part of the Eighth Annual "Broadway Cabaret Festival," presented by Scott Siegel, I was taken into another world. Linda Eder has one of the most powerful voices in the world. Her vocal quality is like no other and when she sings, people listen, intently!

From the moment Linda stepped on stage and sang the first note of "Someone Like You" from Broadway's "Jekyll and Hyde," she had the audience entranced. As the evening continued on, the audience stayed engulfed in Linda's world enjoying every moment of this 2 hour + concert hearing such gems as "Bring on The Men," "A New Life," her self-penned "Waiting for the Fall," "Falling Slowly," "The Mad Hatter," "More Than Heaven" (which Linda always dedicates to those going through a rough time), and "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Over The Rainbow" (which closed the night out).

One of my favorite moments in the show was when Linda talked about how we all know how much she loves her divas, but there is a new diva on the scene and then she burst into Adele's "Someone Like You" and "Rolling In The Deep." Linda is one of the few artists who can match Adele's vocal quality (well, Katie Thompson can too). Here's hoping Linda will record these two songs for a future album, for she triumphed on them. Actually, what would be really great is if Linda and Adele recorded them together or have Linda, Adele, and Katie do a whole album together...now that would be a true dream come true!!

Christiane Noll, Linda Eder, Robert Cuccioli reuniting at Linda Eder's "A New Life" at NYC's Town Hall, Photo Credit: Walter McBrideChristiane Noll, Robert Cuccioli, Linda Eder Backstage after Linda Eder's "A New Life" at NYC's Town Hall, Photo Credit: Walter McBrideWhat made this Linda Eder concert more special than previous outings was the reuniting of Linda with the amazingly talented Robert Cuccioli and Christiane Noll from Broadway's "Jekyll and Hyde." I never got to see "Jekyll and Hyde" when it was on Broadway, so to get to hear these three powerhouse vocalists perform selections from the show was truly a gift! They killed it on every song they sang including "In His Eyes," "It's A Dangerous Game," and "This Is The Moment." When the three of them sing, lives are changed, roofs are blown off buildings, and crowds go even wilder! I really liked that Robert and Christiane were given time to perform alone as well as with Linda, for Robert and Christiane are so unbelievably talented that they deserved their time alone to bestow their greatness upon us.

Linda Eder's "A New Life" was a moment in time I will never forget! If it wasn't for my friend Keith, I would have missed out on this very memorable evening. Linda radiated throughout the evening, leaving me wanting much more, which is a testament to her strong and dynamic performance skills.


For more on Linda be sure to visit http://www.lindaeder.com and pick-up her latest album "Now"

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