The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective's Nora in Rep: A Doll's Life

Cast of "A Doll's Life"On Saturday, January 28, 2012, I took in The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective's well staged and acted Off-Broadway production of "A Doll's Life," one of the biggest flops in Broadway history. This production was not a flop by any means! Directed by Beautiful Soup's artistic director, Steve McCasland, the young cast of actors were terrific, some with very big and powerful voices! Leading this cast was Mallory Berlin (Nora) who's acting skills were as fierce as her vocals. Some of the other cast members that ignited a spark for me were Jonathan Grunert (Otto), who's voice captivated me from the moment he sang. I leaned over to my friend and said, if he sang the phonebook, I'd listen. Thomas Dolan (Johan Blecker) was also quite delightful. From his looks to his acting ability to his beautiful voice, Thomas had it all! Anna Kirkland (Astrid Klemnacht) had quite a voice already at such a young age. She embodied her character!

Mallory Berlin as "Nora"Jonathan Grunert as "Otto" and Mallory Berlin as "Nora"With it's final week upon us, there are just a few chances left to see The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective's "A Doll Life" which runs through February 5 at the New Ohio Theatre in NYC (154 Christopher Street). Click here for tickets!


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