LaQuet Sharnel and Me at "Godspell"On January 17, I was put under a spell when I attended the Broadway revival of "Godspell," not by the show itself, but by the extraordinarily talented cast that really brought this show to life as well as the very creative staging! If you're looking for the next generation of Broadway performers, many of them, if not all, are in this show! This cast consisted of Corey Mach who went on in place of Hunter Parish tonight as "Jesus," Wallace Smith as "John and Judas," and playing themselves Uzo Aduba, Nick Blaemire, Celisse Henderson, Morgan James, Telly Leung, Lindsay Mendez, George Salazar, and Anna Maria Perez De Tagle.

Coming into the show, I knew the talents of Morgan James, Lindsay Mendez, Celisse Henderson, and Telly Leung. Tonight, I was introduced to the rest of the cast. To show stopping applause, the audience was in love with many moments of the show, especially "Prepare Ye" and "On the Willows," lead vocals by Wallace, "Day By Day," lead vocals by Anna Maria, "Learn Your Lessons Well," lead vocals by Celisse, "Bless The Lord," lead vocals by Lindsay, "All Good Gifts," lead vocals by Telly, "Turn Back, O Man," lead vocals by Morgan,  and "Beautiful City," lead vocals by Corey. What made these songs stand out was the powerful belting, riffing, and everything else these performers put into the song. Each of them had something special and unique to share. Each song blew the roof off!

Telly Leung, Wallace Smith, Lindsay Mendez, Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel Cast of "Godspell," Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel One of the things that makes this cast so talented is their vocal quality which left me breathless many times throughout the evening. Everyone had a strong voice and really seemed to take care of it when not on stage. I was also impressed with how many of them play multiple musical instruments for instance, Celisse on guitar and drums and Telly tickling the piano. The chemistry of the cast was tight! The way they interacted with each other and the audience, looked effortless, and made me feel as though they are a close knit group. No one tried to outshine anyone. They all let each other have their moment.

The other part of the show that was so terrific was the staging. The big advantage to playing at Circle in the Square is that the stage can be shaped in many ways. In the case of "Godspell," it's in a round, so every seat as a clear view of the stage and action. This specific stage design, made me feel as if I was in the show itself with the rest of the cast. The staging of the show also kept me on my toes because just around every bend, something was popping up.

Cast of "Godspell," Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel If you are looking to be "Spellbound" (for those who remember the Paula Abdul album, that is for you), then I highly suggest taking in "Godspell" and watching the next generation of performers right before your eyes! "Godspell" plays at Circle in the Square in NYC (1633 Broadway at 50th Street, between Broadway & 8th Ave). Click here for tickets!

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