On Saturday, August 20, 2011, I took in Dan Heching's "Sammy Gets Mugged" as part of the 2011 NYC International Fringe Festival. In 2005, while living in Paris, Dan Heching was mugged. Now that event is recounted in "Sammy Gets Mugged," but is it recounted verbatum or as how Dan wanted to remember it?

It is true, that at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, "Sammy" gets mugged, at knife point, while entering his apartment complex in Paris. What happens next is anyone's guess...Told through the eyes and memory of "Sammy," "The Mugger" himself, and "Rue Felicite," the woman in the shadows, "Sammy Gets Mugged" in very different ways!

Is "Sammy" just mugged at knife point and left to die by his assailant? or Is "Sammy" mugged and fights back? or Is "Sammy" mugged, fights back, and rescued by the woman in the shadows?

Dan's writing is cleaver as he engages the audience with this frightening tale, but how he executed the details was very creative! Playing the different scenarios out, really made me think, what would I have done? What could have "Sammy" done differently? What should have "Sammy" done differently? With so many questions proposed and so many possibilities shown, there are still so many questions left unanswered! 

To figure out what really happened, it's best that you go and decide for yourself in this "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type tale!

With just 2 performances left, "Sammy Gets Mugged" plays at The Living Theatre (21 Clinton Street, between Houston & Stanton) Fri, Aug 26 @ 8:45pm and Sun, Aug 28 @ 12pm!

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