On Thursday, August 10, 2011, I saw The Amoralists' "HotelMotel," 2 shows in one captivating evening! The shows takes place "in a room" at the Gershwin Hotel on East 27th Street. What makes this evening so enchanting, aside from the shows, is the very cool space the shows are in. With a maximum capacity of 20 people, this is quite an intimate evening!

The first show is Derek Ahonen's "Pink Knees on Pale Skin" about a sex-therapist who helps couples get their spark back in a very "swinging" kind of way, while trying to hide her own pain. Derek wrote a very unique story and assembled a good cast. With no more than a bed in the middle of the room, the audience is on the edge as the couples jump in and out of bed, with a variety of results.

The second show is by Obie-Award-Winning playwright and director as well as fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Adam Rapp called "Animals & Plants." Adam has written a very intense, seductive, and complex play about 2 guys who trying to help make a deal go down. While the audience is at intermission, the same room, in which the first play took place, is transformed into a very detailed motel room. From the moment "Animals & Plants" begins, I felt as though I transported to Boone, North Carolina, where the show is set. To help that transportation is the amazing set design, with the audience serving as some of the set pieces themsleves. From then on, I was engrossed in this winter tale that leaves you shivering for more! The great thing about Adam Rapp, which I have come to know the more I see his shows, is that he reallys knows how write a cutting edge play and engage an audience. He forces you step outside your comfort zone into a world you might not otherwise encounter!

These two shows, independent of each other, could have easily been split into two separate evenings, but I really liked the idea of having these two shows in one night. I feel "HotelMotel" actually lives up to its advertisement: One room. Two plays. An intimate evening of epic proportion.

"HotelMotel" runs through August 29th only at the Gershwin Hotel (7 East 27th Street). Click here for tickets!

Checkout the promotional video below for a sampling of this epic evening!

This show is for mature audiences only and does contain nudity, strong language, and gun shots.

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