On Saturday, August 13, 2011, I attended the premiere of Dan Horrigan's "The Big A" in the 2011 NYC International Fringe Festival. This touching, yet very humorous show, chronicles Dan's contraction of HIV. The touching parts of the show are when Dan makes various realizations about his life and communicates those moments to the people close in his life. The humorous parts are everything else!

One might think, "Why do I need to go see another show about some gay man contracting HIV?" The reason I think everyone should go see this show is because, while one might have heard similar stories, you have not heard Dan's story! You have not heard the brilliant, powerful, raw, humorous, and heartfelt delivery that only Dan can give.

Dan has found a way to take a very personal event in his life and turn it into a story that everyone can relate to. Dan has found a way to take a serious subject and shed some light-heartedness to it. Dan has found a way to entice the audience from the minute the house lights go down, uh, rather stay on, until the very end. Dan knows how to hold your attention for 70 minutes with his amazing mixture of humor and heart. Dan makes you feel like you are one of his close friends spending the afternoon together. Most of all, Dan just makes you feel...whatever your body allows you to feel, Dan's story allows you to feel it because it's your feelings, but they are influenced by Dan's words, Dan's personality, and Dan's presence.

To some, this may be just another gay HIV show, but if you take one step closer and actually experience "The Big A," you will see that is NOT just another gay HIV show. It's a show about one man's brave and courageous realization that life changes in a minute, everyone is responsible for their actions, and sometimes you have to shed the image of what you thought you would be and just accpet the person you are!

"The Big A" has only 4 performances left! Treat yourself to this inspiring, touching, and humorous journey! "The Big A" plays at The Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street). Thur, Aug 18 @ 10:15pm, Sun Aug 21 @ 8:30pm, Thur, Aug 25 @5pm, Sat, Aug 27 @ 7pm, Sun, Aug 28 @ 12pm.


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