The Judy Show: My Life As A Sitcom

Judy Gold in The Judy Show - My Life As A Sitcom, Photographer: T. Charles Erickson."It's the story, of a girl named Judy, who wanted her own TV show." On Tuesday, July 5, I saw two-time Emmy Award winner Judy Gold's hilarious new Off-Broadway show "The Judy Show: My Life As A Sitcom." Using the television shows she grew up with, Judy takes the audience on the journey of how she went from a head-bouncing baby to an outcast school girl to a respected and award winning comedian who longs to have a TV show of her own!

Judy Gold in The Judy Show - My Life As A Sitcom, Photographer: T. Charles Erickson.From the moment her theme song started, I was hooked! Like Judy, I too grew up wishing I could have my own TV show or be on one of my favorite sitcoms. I wanted to be on every show I watched from "Bewitched" to "Family Ties" to "Saved By The Bell." Watching these shows took me away from my reality of childhood lonliness into a world of popularity and acceptance. As Judy's story unfolded, I found myself relating to it more and more. I too grew up without many school friends and found myself the bunt of every joke from elementary school right through high school. Similarly to Judy, in college, I not only found my footing more, but started finding more acceptance and friends. I discovered my sexuality and those who supported it. I also continued to discover my passion for entertainment and have found ways to pursue that, just like Judy. In addition to the early events in her life, Judy also discusses having babies, find love not only once, but twice in her lifetime, losing her dad, and putting her mom away...sort of. Throughout all of these circumstances, Judy always brings it back to "The Judy Show" and the longing to have her own sitcom!

What makes Judy Gold such a dynamic performer is her ability to make the audience laugh, cry, think, and laugh some more. While Judy's story is unique to her because it's her story, her story is universal in that there is something for everyone to identify with. Using her strong comedic skills and impeccable timing, Judy's humor shines from beginning to end!

"The Judy Show: My Life As A Sitcom" plays at The DR2 Theater in NYC (103 E. 15th Steet) through November 27th! Click here for tickets!

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