Deborah Gibson and Tiffany: Journey Through The 80s

Tiffany and AdamDeborah Gibson and AdamOn July 29, 2011, I took a "Journey Through The 80s" with Deborah Gibson and Tiffany at Westbury Music Fair on Long Island for the opening night of their tour. The evening was "Electric" for many reasons! First of all, I got to see two amazing artists together on stage, hitting all the right notes! Secondly, I attended the concert with my friend Sara whom I've been friends with since 4th grade and I reconnected with my friend Natalie who I initally met at Deborah's CD signing in 2001 for her album "M.Y.O.B." at Sam Goody in the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. It was so great to see Natalie and once again, because of Deborah, we were brought back into each other's life. Finally, I had the opportunity to meet Deborah and Tiffany backstage after the show, which was truly wonderful!

Tiffany at Wesbury Music FairTiffany at Westbury Music FairThe electricity really started when the lights went down and Deborah and Tiffany took the stage together, opening the show with a great duet of the Eurythmics' "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves." Both Deborah and Tiffany still have what it takes to capture an audience! After another duet, Tiffany stayed on stage by herself to perform. She sang her hit songs "I Think We're Alone Now," "Could've Been," and "I Saw Him Standing There" along with a few songs from her new country album "Rose Tattoo" including "Feel The Music," "He Won't Miss Me," and "Love You Good" as well as a host of cover songs by Stevie Nicks, Guns 'n Roses, and Joan Jett. I have to say, going into the concert, the only Tiffany song I knew was "I Think We're Alone Now," but Tiffany really won me over and made me a fan of hers. She has an amazingly powerful voice that can cross into many genres, and really knows how to engage an audience. While everyone enjoyed hearing her hits, I thought her new music was great!

Deborah Gibson at Wesbury Music FairDeborah Gibson at Wesbury Music FairAfter Tiffany finished her set, it was time for Deborah to return to the stage and return she did! Starting off with one of her biggest hits, "Shake Your Love," Deborah had the audience up on their feet! Deborah was not only in exceptional physical shape, but her voice was as crisp as ever! She then moved into her number single "Foolish Beat" (for which she still holds the title as the youngest person to ever write, produce, and perform a number one single). Deborah next delighted the audience to a medley of 80s hits that influenced her consisting of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, and Richard Marx. She then went back to performing her many hits including "Electric Youth," "Lost In Your Eyes," and "Out of the Blue," One of the things I love about Deborah is her commitment and love of theatre! What makes Deborah's shows so versitle is that she sings both her pop hits and various Broadway tunes. Tonight was no exception! Deborah's theatrical songs included "Don't Tell Mama" and "Maybe This Time" from Deborah Gibson during her Broadway Segment"Cabaret" and "Big Spender" from "Sweet Charity." Deborah then returned to her songs and treated the audience to "We Could Be Together" and "Only Words," which in all the times I've seen Deborah live, I have not heard her sing these two songs, and while she didn't play the full songs, it was wonderful to get the snipits. The one thing I'm always amazed by is how Deborah can take any song, whether hers or a cover of someone else's song, and just start playing it, as she did in another segment of her set when she asked the audience for requests. Deborah then ended her set on an energetic high note with another one of her biggest hits "Only In My Dreams!"

After leaving the stage, it was time for Deborah and Tiffany to mesmerize the audience together once again as they ended the show performing Heart's "What About Love" and Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."

I felt so fortunate to have been able to this concert (with my friend Sara), given the opportunity to meet both Deborah and Tiffany after the show backstage, and reconnect with my friend Natalie! This "Journey Through The 80s" was well worth taking! If you were a fan of either Deborah and/or Tiffany, I highly suggest getting tickets to their concert tour "Journey Through The 80s." Even though I've always been a dedicated Deborah fan, I was delighted to see how both performers who were teen idols in the 80s, have grown into musicians who are still relevant today and helped pave the way for so many of today's performers!  

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"Journey Through The 80s" continues on:

July 31: The Paramont Theater (Asbury Park, NJ)

August 7: North Shore Music Theater (Beverly, MA)

August 10: House of Blues (Cleveland, OH)

August 12: Harrah's (Council Bluff's, IA)

August 13: House of Blues (Chicago, IL)

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