Adam and Andrew BarbatoOn Saturday, July 23, 2011, I saw the next generation of Broadway performers and writers (book and composer/lyricist) when I attended The Midtown International Theatre Festival to see "Alice: A New Musical" written by fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Andrew Barbato along with Lesley DeSantis and produced by Erica Ruff Productions.

Andrew and Lesley have written a terrific show based upon "Alice In Wonderland." Their version has Alice running away from her 13th Birthday when her mom tells her it's time to grow up. When Alice goes down the rabbit hole, her journey of learning how to grow up without letting go of her childhood is just beginning.

When I entered the theatre my eyes witnessed talent! Every performer on stage is a recent graduate and I can whole-heartedly say, "This is only the beginning for them!" From their powerful voices to their excellent acting abilities, each cast member held my attention and made me excited when their time to shine was taking place. I only knew two of the performers previously, David R. Gordon, whom I had the pleasure of seeing in a reading of Bobby Cronin's show "Daybreak" and Ashley Dawn Mortensen, whom I've seen at various concerts around NYC. The rest of the cast (Rachel Bahler, Joe Chisholm, Amanda Choate, Lizzie Klemperer, Amanda Gayle Malyar, Cameron Perry, Patrice Seibel, Devon Stone, and Rocio Del Mar Valles) were newcomers to me and I felt so lucky to see them live on stage in this great new musical!

Andrew and Lesley have written not only a terrific book, that children and adults can relate to on many levels, but they have written a terrific score of music and songs! Each song clearly helped move the story along and were sung with much passion, talent, and heart by the performer singing!

With only one more performance left, Saturday, July 30 at 11am, "Alice: A New Musical" is one to definitely go see! It plays at the June Havoc Theatre (312 West 36th Street, First Floor, between 8th & 9th Avenue). Click here for tickets! (for only $18, you will get to see our future generation of Broadway performers!)


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